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Udja Sebai Maa and Shems Baket,

Dua for the powerful exchange between Shems Baket’s posting #6737 and Sebai Maa’s reply #6760. I believe in the power of visualization (a positive use of the mind, spirit connection) and appreciated Shems Baket sharing her vision of the road “paved with khak ab” that approaches a “stop sign” likened to Ra’s illusory aspect.

Sebai Maa,taking it a bit further, by likening the stop sign to “as a wall we need to break through” by chipping away at just one brick I found to be very liberating indeed. Being a spiritual aspirant is challenging and, at times, difficult. Hearing that punching out just one brick brings the entire wall down was gratifying and really hit home the concept of a one-pointed effort.

To further tie in Chapter 18 of the PMH, as being able to look through that hole in the wall “to see beyond the limits of time and space” and “into the Sechit Yaru or Elysian fields the place of divine and realized souls,” is spiritually moving and serves to establish a glorious goal. Dua Sebai Maa for illuminating with the wisdom of your insight, and likewise Shems Baket for sharing your inspired visualization.

Shems Heryt