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Ptah Maut Ankh

Shems Ptah Maut Ankh
1. Intro to SN (Shetaut Neter) short part 1b.mp4
2. Themes:
a. Who is Sema Institute- Publishing house, not associated with any other organization, School with authentic spiritual preceptorship.
b. History of Neterianism- Lord Kepri brought the teachings to humans. This is the oldest known codified spiritual system, which is at least 10,000 years.
c. Who are the Netarians- Those who consider themselves Shemsu (followers of Neter).
d. Who is Neter- The Supreme divinity Neberdjer and the Gods and Goddesses are aspects of Neter and the doorway into Neter. This is called henotheism not polytheism.
e. The Purpose of Life- To attain the great awakening, enlightenment to know thyself.
f. 3 Stages of Religion
i. Myth, The story of the divinity. Ritual, Commemorate the divinity. Mystical, Living the myth.
g. The goal of Neterianism- Nehast Awakening
h. The 4 Great Truths
i. Pa Neter ua ua Neberdjer m Nereru
ii. An-Maat swy Saui Set s-Khemn
iii. S-Uahu s-Nafu n saiu Set
iv. Ari Shedy Rekh ab m Maakheru
i. Books- Currently going through “The Tree of Life” with Unut Anpu.
j. Daily Practice- Morning I do 10 minutes of yoga postures, do a short ritual to the gods and goddesses, recite the 4 Great Truths and meditate for 15 minutes. Lunchtime I chant Om Amun Ra Ptah 4x, acknowledge the noon ushet and acknowledge my higher self. If the weather is nice I will take a walk and chant otherwise I will read one of my ebooks, currently Tree of Life. Evening time depending on schedule I chant Om Amun Ra Ptah 4x, acknowledge the evening ushet and acknowledge my higher self. Sunday morning I listen to the Ushet on Blog Talk Radio and Thursday night co-present the Evening Ushet on Blog Talk Radio.
3. This was a very good intro into the Netarian religion. The presentation was broken down into smaller components and it all flowed together. For me it presented Netarianism as it really is, a real codified spiritual path that has a factual history. It dispelled the negative image that the bible has painted of ancient Egypt.