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Above: khut-spirit-fire-applied-to-Ra’s-heart to form Creation



A good understanding of the fundamental KD principles.

About your observations in #3:

Indeed, even before modern physics came along, the Anunian Creation myth and the scripture of the Teaching of the Temple of Aset said essentially that Creation is a transformation of undifferentiated consciousness (Nun) that has been acted upon by Khu or the divine will energy of Ra. The Nun itself is composed of the energy of Ra’s mind. So all Creation is energy and has been given form by the khut (akhut) manipulation of energy at the direction of Ra’s will. So undifferentiated matter is unformed energy and solid (differentiated) matter is energy given temporary form.

Lets consider that when you have a dream at night; at that time you are doing the same thing, as what God does, when you create your dreamworld and everything in it. The dreamworld is in your mind and is composed of energy you have brought together and given form to in accordance with the will of your aryu. You are a microcosm of Divine Spirit (which we refer to as a soul) and as such you have a spark of creative power of God. God is the Macrocosm encompassing all the souls and all the worlds that they can create. Creation is in the mind of God and the mind of God is referred to as his heart and Gods heart is also known as Lord Djehuty who is divine intellect-in other words, cosmic mind. If you were to work with your Djehuty (intellect) and thereby fully understand that your microcosm is a manifestation of the macro, then your identity would shift from only being aware of the micro and then awakening to the macro and this occurrence is referred to as enlightenment. Taking this a few steps further, it means realizing that all Creation is created with manipulated energy to give it temporary form. So Creation, the micro and macro manifestations, is illusory and only the witness of that Creation is “real.” In other words, everything in the world, the people, animals, planets, etc. is illusory in reference to you and you (the manifestation of your personality[ego]) and everything in Creation (time and space) is illusory to other people and since an illusion is not worthy of holding on to, you should neither hold on to your own personality (ego) or that of others or the world, etc. etc….One should not hold onto a dream. Therefore, your reflections, if followed to their advancing implications, leads to the higher discovery that is promised by the teachings: nehast


“Know thyself as the pride of creation, the link uniting divinity and matter; behold a part of God Itself within thee; remember thine own dignity nor dare descend to evil or meanness.”





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