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Level 1 Lesson 16, Audio Assignment, 28:34

1.What are the main teachings?

Meat should be stopped as soon as possible. Transitional options are available. GMO and food contaminations are also issues and should push us to eat healthier. We are living in contradiction with life, nature, and our bodies and meat/cattle industry has trained people to eat more meat. Plant foods are able to provide all necessary proteins. Over farming and denatured soils is another major issue. Transition and proper absorption is inhibited by a lifetime of unhealthy living. Juicing can be a helpful part of the transition for this purpose. Food cultures around the world often revolve around unhealthy/meat options, this can be a challenge for people’s transitions as well.

We are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Part of the journey of health is to continue to identify oneself with the spirit, this will create a stronger change in the physical ability to change to a healthy lifestyle as well as distance from the unhealthy food culture and to eat the foods of our Kemetic spiritual culture.

Modern holistic health methods were also practiced in Ancient Egypt. General population is able to partake of a less disciplined lifetime. A spiritual aspirant must pursue a higher culture, spiritual culture in order to allow spiritual life and pursuits to succeed.

First Principle: The true source of disease is not external. Second Principle: Diseases arise from Ukheddu that obstructs the vascular systems of the body. Third Principle: Three foods – food for body mind and soul. Fourth Principle: The art and discipline of fasting. Fifth Principle: All our foods should be green, – plant foods coming from fruits and vegetables. This green process also relates to green food for the Mind (Ka) is the spiritual teachings that lead to enlightenment ( that which endures) and foods that lead to constriction of consciousness are those things which lead to ignorance of self. Green food for the soul is expansion of consciousness and experience of Self. Spirit represents all encompassing divinity whereas soul represents the individua piece of spirit.

Importance of silence because too much talking/thinking will come back as aryu to agitate the mind as impressions. Silence is a form of healthy mental food, and transcendence and true fulfillment is a form of healthy soul food.

Drugs/fancy expensive objects/sexual infatuation: These leave people with greater pain because in the beginning it feels like a spiritual awakening but it is not lasting or real direct experience and therefore in the end it becomes a poison that leaves a person unfulfilled. What the soul is truly looking for is expansion and spiritual glory. All untrue things lead to the truth which is spirit. This is the process of becoming green.

Anger is a form of “mild” temporary insanity. Remedies are to apply the opposite. Anger is forgiveness, hatred; love and understanding, greed; generosity, lust; purity and sex sublimation, envy; jealousy satisfaction, discontentment; contentment, boredom; right action, pride; humility.

2.Are you implementing this teaching? How so?

Yes I am applying these teachings. For three years transitioned my diet and am now working more on creating healthy mental and soul food by practicing silence, distancing myself from discussions and unnecessary engagements that lead to identification with the ego and not spirit, practicing shedy, studying the teachings, pursuing good association.