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Udja, I did not realize I had not submitted my Level 1 Lesson 16 audio assignment.

Level 1 Lesson 16, Audio Assignment, 102AA Introduction to Kemetic Diet Track 1, 30:33

Main Teachings

1.Htp di si Neter iri Metu Uadj

a.If we make offering to the divine the divine will reciprocate with health and flourishing of the Mettu. Mettu means vascular system. AE discovered the key to health is to cleanse the vascular system and pathways. If these becomes clogged, one experiences ill health (manifested in various illness of heart, brain, kidneys, liver, stomache, etc.)

2.Main Principles of Kemetic Diet

a.Spiritual enlightenment requires health, success depends on health, disciplines of health are of paramount importance. Health: Physical body, mental body, soul cannot be separated. Often only focused on body. Truest state of health is self-knowledge and enlightenment. Move away ignorance and move toward knowledge to be led to enlightenment, peace, happiness. Good health transcends the oridnary concepts of modern culture. Importance of the body-mind connection. Three fold disciplines lead to physical, mental, and spiritual purity. We have a physical mental and spiritual body, all must be purified to achieve the higher goals of life. One central problem that leads to ill health: Ukhedu (disease process that obstructs the vascular system-heart and blood, digestive system, etc.) Vascular are all the pipes of the body in any form that can be obstructed and produce mucus-phelm-obstructions. Cover of book: vegetables, fruits, in the center Ankh(life process-that process which produces life-circle eternal cross means time and space, unity of male and female.) Eating meat, smoking, smog all cause obstructions. Strip of Papyrus ( Un em Kha un – the food for the mind is the righteous word, the righteous teaching, the everlasting word.), Eye of Heru ( Eucharist, consecrated eye of the divine which opens consciousness, knowledge, awareness, to divine nature) Feed soul. Ankh, teaching, Eye of Heru = food of body mind soul. Spiritual disease is when you cannot find fulfillment and karmic entanglements.These are the foods that every spiritual aspirant needs to be able to practice teachings effectively. Hippocrates worshiped Djehuti (presiding deity over medical science) and Imhotep ( doctor, lawyer, architect, philosopher, etc.) Vegetarian Diet = vegan, no meats. Meat is grounding and makes it difficult to be in touch with spiritual energies, human body is not made to eat meat, ethical reasons. blocks the mettu for floruishingand blocks the vessels in the intestinal tract and absorption.

b.When you look at depictions of ancient kemetic people you notice that the general population ate meat occasionally but those in spiritual communities had spiritual instructions not to eat meat or drink alcohol. Not doing these things allows a person to become more spiritual.

Are you currently implementing this teaching?