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A good summary of the main teaching of the Kemetic Diet principles.
A comment on one statement:
“This is one of the main reasons why people turn to drug addiction because they want to experience expanded consciousness but this doesn’t work. If they were to put down the drugs and start studying yoga philosophy and meditation, this leads to true divine consciousness. The drugs destroy the body and inhibit true divine consciousness.”

In principle it is true that if a person turns away from drugs and to yoga and meditation they will be benefitted BUT only to the extent of their maturity and readiness. A person living an agitated lifestyle or diseased lifestyle cannot easily just turn to Yoga and meditation or even sit attentively to listen to philosophy or appreciate their importance. So there needs to be a process of cleansing the body mind and soul through the right physical, mind and soul foods even if in increments, until a certain point of maturity is reached that can approach the teaching and follow in regular practice and thereby develop conscious awareness of the inner center of peace that allows the external crutches of drugs, entertainments or negative foods, to abate and eventually be conquered.
Therefore, a person is neither expected nor is able to easily turn towards yoga and meditation since the world is as tough an addiction as crack or meth and really much stronger, indeed stronger by many orders of magnitude. So no wonder why so few are able to extricate themselves from the clutches of time and space! Therefore, gradual movement is promoted with patience and compassion, respect and honoring a person’s current place in life but also with forthrightness, non-facilitation and non-codependency, for what kind of sage who commiserates and supports the delusions of aspirants, would be useful in attaining enlightenment?
A comment on #2:

One important difference between the ancient culture and the present is that even though many of the common fold did not follow a strict Kemetic diet while the initiates and priesthood did, back then their diet did not contain synthetic chemicals and toxins as is the case today in all non-organic foods. So, this is an added burden we have today that was not there before as well as the issue of the extreme denaturing of modern foods with over farming and monoculture farming. In ancient times the foods were much more nutritious and by contrast we have many obese people who suffer from malnutrition today.