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A good question:

“if the illusion does not help us to attain nehast, then what is it for? It exists so that we can learn lessons, have experiences, and grow, and to eventually, remove the veil. Sebai Maa’s comment s began with this topic. Life on earth is an illusion, and it is temporary, however, I feel that there must be some sort of connection in the spirit realm, in eternity, because everything in existence began as a “thought in the mind of Neberdjer” is this correct? Hetep”


Indeed the time and space Creation is based on the mind of God just as the world created when someone is dreaming or imagining things. So what is the connection between your dreamworld or imaginary world and the essence of who you are? Unlike the human mind, God’s mind is cosmic and not to be known by any other than the cosmic so one needs to become cosmic to know the depth of such questions. Therefore, hasten to become godlike to know the deeper answer to this question. You may also find that the same answer is gained by asking a tree what he is for, or asking the sun or asking outer space or asking atoms and electrons what they are doing and why? and what would they say? They would remain silent and continue being. What would happen if the mind that is asking the question were to be as quiet as they are? What would be revealed then? and if someone were to ask a person in that quietness what are they for? what would they say? If an answer is given will that be just a time and space explanation that is insufficient to explain the nature of the transcendent? If the reply is silence is it possible the question itself has no answer because it is being asked by a mind reflecting the delusion it is asking about?

While in a practical sense it can be said that the illusion helps by causing pain and frustration that turns us towards philosophy and wisdom, in any case, there is a time for philosophy but that is a means to an end and the end is being, which is beyond questions and explanations; and in being is there a question of purpose? If there is a need to answer the question then go to the silence and prove it. This is the answer to your question.


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