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Above: Trilinear translation of: teaching-of-duplicity-from-PertmHeru-Asar-Ani-addresses-lord-of-Amentet-Plate-4


I think some of your text was repeated or posted more than once. Nevertheless I have some important comments about some things you said.


“Aset is of course intuitional wisdom.

NebtHet represents the grounding feeling we get when we are in nature. That aspect that enjoys living on planet earth as a human being. that aspect of myself that LOVES watermelon season, yet detests “Black Friday”. the desire to eat organic foods and the desire to send bottled water to Flint, MI. This section was difficult to swallow at first, and yet, makes so much sense. I do not think that I will stop enjoying watermelon season, and yet, when I am far away from here, will always associate earth with watermelon. The Good Things in Life. Wanting the Good Life, for things to be better, things to be different, things to improve.”


I understand and honor the sentiment with which your comments were given, since as human beings we are constantly faced with the relationships and necessities of life that often are confused with the compelling impetus of conditioning of the unconscious mind (via negative aryu). Nevertheless, my role is to purvey the Shetaut Neter teaching in the most pure, powerful and honest format possible and as such the following essay is intended.

You stated it is difficult at first but makes sense and yet it would seem that if there is sense then there should be no obstacle to living by that sense; yet with human beings there are issues because along with the sense there remains also in the heart, compelling feelings that form an impetus, a compelling desire towards passion about something in the realm of time and space in relation to one’s egoistic thoughts, feelings and desires. This needs to be counteracted in order to be diffused and neutralized and overcome.

So what I will say now is for advancing initiates since also this class is for advanced Level 3 Egyptian Mystery studies. In L3 studies there is less mincing words, more force given with the teaching, and more expectation of a higher level of khak-ab (dispassion/detachment). Therefore I would not say the following in the following way (with such stern emotional content in tone) to Level 2 or Level 1 students. Ready? Here we go…

Statements such as: “I am far away from here…” or

“will always associate earth with watermelon.”

“The Good Things in Life.”

“Wanting the Good Life,”

“Wanting for things to be better,”

“Wanting for things to be different,”

“Wanting for things to improve.”

Believe it or not all of those statements in the present context, are counterproductive. They affirm and reinforce the delusions of life that obstruct higher perception, inner peace and vision of reality, making the mundane reality more compelling and apparently real, important and legitimate.

An avid initiate should refrain from saying statements that contain the words “always” or “never” and the like. It is important to work on refraining from statements like “I will always associate __________ with _________,” etc.


“I will always want the good life”

“I will always want things to change for the better”

“I will never stop caring for and be hurt by what my children do”

“I will always hate those people for what they did to my ancestors and I will never forgive them”

“I am a jerk and will always be, I can never change”

“You are an idiot and I am better than you and you will never change you stupid idiot!”

“I am a failure and will always be, I will never be respected so I am worse than dirt and my single parent told me the same, maybe if I had my other parent I would have developed better self esteem or discovered how to love and be loved better; my spouse said the same thing, that I am worthless and my kids do not respect me; with all that and this cruel hard world, forget it, I am filth and worthless scum and so I should kill myself or drink myself to death and just end it! – no one will miss me anyway and I went to church and all they say is pray and that does not help, I keep having thoughts of anger and hatred for what I am, the insanity and injustice of the world, I am powerless and stupid and there’s no way out!”



Wow- that last one really has issues!

Why are these statements incorrect and damaging? Because these statements reinforce belief in and dependency on the ignorant way of interacting, thinking and understanding about the nature of mind and the history of aryu as well as the illusion that is Creation which WILL by its nature ALWAYS CHANGE and always in the end present ups and downs and ultimately disease and death.


“The impious Soul screams: I burn; I am ablaze; I know not what to cry or do; wretched me, I am devoured by all the ills that compass me about; alas, poor me, I neither see nor hear! This is the Soul’s chastisement of itself. For the Mind of the man imposes these on his own Soul.”



Obviously, the kinds of statements included above are just a few of the permutations which can also be compounded by childhood traumas, lack of a parent during formative years and a host of other issues. Nevertheless, the path forward is the same for all; those who want to be avid initiates should rightly acknowledge if they have illusory feelings and thoughts remaining but will not support or reinforce them so as to continue or deepen the delusions and in so doing move away from enlightenment. On the contrary, they acknowledge them and then counteract them so as to neutralize and dissipate them and thereby lift the could that they produce on the mind. Those who say “I will never change” or “never stop caring about the world” from a sentimental perspective (not with reason but with feeling and passion) are setting themselves up for more worldly delusion, suffering, and entanglements.


“To destroy an undesirable rate of mental vibration, concentrate on the opposite vibration to the one to be suppressed.”



An important point about the scripture of Aset is that in it we do not find anywhere that she affirms the delusions that Ra is trying to feed to her, rather she rejects those and hits back with blows of wisdom and intensified spiritual practice including special words of power that disperse the delusion.

When she says “Djed n a ren a k“, “tell to me your name” this is the opposite of “I believe you Ra when he says he is the sun and planets and creator of everything and I am just a Creation a miserable weak human.” If you believe the baloney that Ra is trying to sell you then you say I will always believe in his creations, like watermelon. Watermelon is like other creations of time and space; it tastes good to you because your aryu has been attuned to it. Other people don’t like it, they like things you dont like so since no one thing is liked by all people it is all illusory and subjective! If you hold on to the subjective it is the opposite of being an initiate just as if you eat everyday at macdonalds it is the opposite of being healthy and free of diabetes, cancer and heart disease!

Did I make this point clear enough! These points are critical and yes they are hard to handle but handled they can be; the first step is using the correct speech and that works to retrain the mind if you truly intend to achieve the goals of the teaching. As alluded to in the scripture from PMH, intent is an important aspect of effective application of the tools of the teaching, especially the words of power but also the other aspects of shedy as well. If a person desires something but deep down they have conflicting feelings about that desire then the conflict will thwart success in pursuing the desire or will cause anguish upon its successful acquisition because the conscious and unconscious minds are out of sync – so at that point there is duplicity of intent, irresolution, quandary, confusion and imbalance in the personality. Then the person wonders why they got what they wanted and yet are still unhappy, or why they cant act on the positive desires they think they intend on doing but yet fail at constantly.

Just mouthing the words without the intent is like going window shopping without intent to buy; just having fun imagining what it would be like to possess an item in the store but thinking “I can-never get it cause I dont have enough money and it would be too difficult to get anyway”. In this analogy the item is illusory and the money is illusory since you forgot you had money in the bank and could get it if you want except for the ignorance and convincing yourself you dont have it. But meanwhile you are still creating and fanning the flames of worldly aryu of desire that sustains and impels the window shopping delusion. So don’t be an initiatic window shopper! There is no time to waste! If you truly “buy into” the wisdom of the teaching you must also give your self to that wisdom, affirm it repeatedly, counteracting the ignorance whenever it arises and reinforcing it until the deluded notions abate and fade. What will emerge is the reality that those preferences or desires dont define you and so the statement I will always be compelled to feel or think a certain way about the world, family, personal desires, etc. —all that is discovered to be false!


Now to your other statement:

“Just as our own powers, gifts, abilities, desires, dreams, goals, plans, intentions, relationships, are all in us already, waiting for the moment of activation. At KemeTones, this is called Celestial Blueprint. The DNA Code. “


Be careful in associating the concept of physiological DNA with the wisdom of spiritual evolution and what it means to activate the aryu and or the wisdom of the teaching. In a kind of romantic way it seems nice to connect the two as it gives some comfort that we know some key to esoteric wisdom and that we have hidden potential, etc. Yet, where did those potentials come from? Did god place them there by magic? or do we place them there, through a metaphysical process with our actions, speech and feelings that WE ourselves choose (consciously or unconsciously) to lodge in our unconscious mind? You know where this is headed right….. An argument can be made to say that aryu is the DNA of the soul. However, physical DNA in your cells has nothing to do with the DNA of your soul. Otherwise your soul would always incarnate as a African person exclusively, or as a European person exclusively, etc. and that is NOT the case! The soul can manifest in temporary association with any ethnicity or gender or species! The choice of incarnation is to bring experiences of that kind to the soul-and nothing more. Through the “choice” of incarnations(experiences) a human being can build a character with gifts and abilities for positive or negative; This is our responsibility to do and its not just there automatically. We are the architects of our destiny! Otherwise there would be no point since then the world has control and we have no power—no that is NOT the case at all! That wisdom has been known since the pre-dynastic era of Kamit. So to believe otherwise is a delusion rejected by the teaching and so to it should be as well rejected by the avid aspirant.

We may consider that gifts and abilities are “in” us, however, the concept and existence of those is a time and space issue and not of spirit. Spirit has all potential and all possibilities to manifest in time and space but those manifestations are not “in” spirit since they are illusions of time and space and spirit is abiding reality transcending time and space. Therefore, this issue should not be confused; otherwise we become deluded with the notion that out personality and gifts or abilities are abiding realities and truths about ourselves –which they are not! They are temporary manifestations of temporary potentials that can assist self-discovery and the recognition of glory or to illusory awareness of degradation and delusion and egoism. The soul, as a spark of spirit can also manifest with lucidity and magnanimity and sanity but if it becomes degraded with ignorance and delusion its mind can become insane. In this sense then what about a sociopath or psychopath? We may say the potential insanity is “IN THEM” also could we not? Where did that come from? from Goddess? No! It came from aryu collected over millennia, by the person’s soul, that produced a degraded mind. The soul is not changed, just experiencing sanity or insanity and it is up to us what our manifestation becomes as we accept the right or wrong experiences, beliefs and concepts, reinforce those and allow them to become the content of our character.

As advancing initiates it is necessary to start philosophically delineating with precision the nature, of human existence, the nature of spirit and the provenance of the personality and its makeup. This is the endeavor of wisdom and the concentration of the teaching of Aset. In that practice it is imperative to be courageous, bold and tenacious enough to honestly work towards leaving the delusions, or immatur-ities, or childish notions behind and following the path that awakens to the goddess’s true nature, which is one and the same with ours. She is the lady of words of wisdom and spiritual maturity, not words of delusion, weakness, sentimentality or childishness. An initiate of Aset follows her lead and that leadership is to tenacious, relentless and powerful affirmation, unwavering concentration on the wisdom teaching, and rejection of anything else. This rejection of the ignorance about the world goes on even as we carry on in the world, trying to do positive and make the world a better place and handle the daily duties of life. However, at the same time we are not to be deluded by those activities or events, holding on to those or holding on to the delusion we will never be happy unless the world changes for the better or we cannot be free from the problems of the world, since those beliefs and intents will indeed never be free. In that deluded case, the preoccupation will always be with the notion that something external, that you consider to be good, must happen in the world for you to feel ok, pleased, relaxed or happy. Your happiness depending on world events or the actions of others, or having a loving family, or destroying what is hated or detested, or feeling inadequate and personally damaged or incompetent and trying to compensate wrongly by compromising one’s principles to gain the support or admiration from others, or living vicariously through celebrities, politicians or one’s children—-all illusions of time and space in the realm of relative reality! You can work for a better world, equal rights, healthy environments, etc; but not leaning and depending on those to define your value as a human being or the nature of your inner peace and satisfaction with life.

If life is led in accord with the teaching then the power of maat kicks in in the form of balance, evenness, inner peace, sanity, etc. which manifests as indifference-which is freedom; SO you can work work world peace and look for watermelon but your life is neither defined by those desires or controlled by them so if you get it, it is fine and if not also fine but internally, realizing the goal of what the goddess has pointed out, the inner attainment is so completing that no other external achievement adds to or detracts from the glory of life. The clarity afforded by the balance allows a deeper inner vision to become perceptible, that is realized as the true source of sustenance and fulfillment, rendering the requirement of fulfillment of worldly goals optional and the pursuit of worldly desires non-compulsory/un-compelling. But if there is other success in human life that is an ornament for the inner attainment, a decoration. But whether or not there may be decorations, flowers, offerings, etc. on an altar, the god or goddess displayed there is still the same always and so to a person who has left delusions behind is the same and not changed by the ups and downs of life. There is no argument that can be offered to counter this teaching. The only answer is to accept and live it and discover its veracity and benefit from it thereby.


Now I would like to hear how you intend to adjust your thinking to come into harmony with this teaching. Next what actions need to be taken to affirm and act in accord with this teaching.