Reply To: Teachings of Temple of Aset Lesson 1 Discussion Forum #2

Bastu Yashi

Dua, Maat for your post. We can study the myth as a formula to assist in understanding the higher truths. When we study and apply the actions and qualities of Aset, intuitional wisdom, we further develop and empower ourselves to eventually dwell in divine wisdom. Identification with eventually embodying this wisdom of Aset leads Heru the aspirant to overcome time and space delusion. He is thereby established as king of the earth, meaning he is in the earth, but not of it, continually dwelling on a higher spiritual capacity.

This is how one’s consciousness may unfold – via embodying the teachings. Having a preceptor’s guidance and assistance in interpreting and applying mythic wisdom are key to the process. This reflects the relationship of both Djehuty and Het Heru, and Aset and Heru. This goal is common to all spiritual aspirants seeking truth – TTOA aspirants. In so doing, we may eventually recognize and embody the wisdom of who we really are, and remain in the world, but not of it. Dua for your post, Htp.