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1. Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

The term “Neterty” captivated me most, defined by Sebai Maa as:

“Divinity possessing dual consciousness, possessing two eyes—of Heru and Ra (moon and sun) i.e. time and space/transcendental insight, relative/absolute, physical/non-physical.”

The concept of “Neterty” struck a cord with me in my own spiritual aspiration to be a reflection of the Divine—striving to live in the world of time and space, yet at the same time not to be of the world of time and space. This is so aptly and eloquently defined as “possessing two eyes,” that of Heru (moon) and Ra (sun).

Heru, the Higher self, is a reflection of Ra—the sun that shines and is reflected in the moon. If I understand it correctly this dual consciousness is not the same as thinking in dualistic terms of separation, but rather realizing the Oneness of being in all things which leads to Enlightenment. A common mistake comes in believing that the Higher self is the final goal in spiritual aspiration, therefore it is easy to feel good about oneself because of mastering certain disciplines such as tjef Neteru postures, meditation, maintaining a mostly raw vegan diet, etc. While these things are important tools in the spiritual growth journey they are still time and space actions and, therefore, subject to the ego.

It would be the same as seeing with only one eye—the moon. However, without the sun (Eye of Ra) the moon remains in darkness. The sun is essential because it is the “absolute” to the moon’s “relative” which changes in its phases relative to the amount of light it receives from the sun. The term “Neterty,” I believe, implies the perfect balance of consciousness that is Divine in its being, which allows one to exist in the world, yet exist above the world, i.e. transcendental insight. It is the first term that I have encountered in my studies that actually describes the dual consciousness of Enlightenment.

Shems Heryt