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Bastu Yashi

Summarize the plot of the Asarian Resurrection myth

Asar and Aset were sent to earth where they took physical form to assist in civilizing humans. Asar traveled the world, spreading divine truth and balanced living, becoming highly revered. Set became jealous of Peraah Asar, and employed various methods of killing him including cutting him up and sending pieces of his body as far away as possible, to usurp the throne. He also took various forms of animals, conniving in his attempts to repeatedly kill Asar. Aset consistently assisted Asar by searching without wearing until she found him, providing him air via appealing to and melding with higher forces, providing healing Hekau and reviving him. She also received his life force, conceived and rebirthed his soul, Heru and hid him from harm. She assisting in healing Heru, again with Hekau and appeal to and integration of divine forces when he was killed by Set via scorpion sting. She also precepted Heru and taught him the truth of existence. She assisted him in learning and becoming established in higher teachings to assist him in developing the confidence to conquer egoism. Aset thereby assisted Heru in becoming established in his true self, master of heaven and earth, above and below.

What are the main take aways from the Asarian Resurrection myth, the important teachings to remember?

The state of one’s consciousness can lead to the upliftment or destruction of the self/humanity.
Untruth is mental delusion which is perceived, based on ones ari. It can be very strong and lead to cycle of a deluded mindset/lifestyle if left unchecked. If one can learn to consistently control one’s mental perceptions and associated actions, embodying divine truth, one can overcome ari.
The self holds the power to control nature, life and death. The mind can bring forth this power or suppress it.
Self-doubt is a mental delusion which also affects one’s perception. As one grows in knowledge of self and enlivens truth, any feat is possible.
Fear has many forms, but truth is the only reality which can conquer fear.
What one focuses on, one becomes.
When one attempts to heal the soul, ego may resurface and present greater obstacles which will test one’s commitment to living truth and redeeming the self; consistently applying intuitional wisdom and overcoming sensual delusion is key to overcoming this.

Based on the video lecture and your current understanding at this time,
What is the importance about the role of Aset in that epic teaching of the Asarian resurrection?

Aset symbolizes intuitional wisdom which overcomes delusion with committed, concentrated effort. She is the throne which upholds Asar, the soul and brings forth Heru, aspiration to overcome the ego, mental delusion. She also represents the commitment to truth and restoration of balance and self-knowledge; she employs all of her energies to bring forth aspiration towards unity between heaven and earth, or the physical and metaphysical levels of existence.

What do you make of her character, her personality?

Aset represents the divine mother who maintains a committed focus on lifting the soul to the highest level of existence. She realizes that time and space distractions are delusions and precepts the aspirant in teachings to in overcoming this via embodying intuitional wisdom. She remains committed to establishing truth on the throne and does not rest until this has been accomplished. She models purpose, dedication, compassion, commitment, perseverance and focus in reestablishing truth. A desire to develop such qualities have led me to further seek the Asetian path.