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A good summary.


The most important theme:
1.The three realities are relative and change over time. The ultimate reality is unnamed and absolute. This is what we are after. We are really a cosmic being an absolute, that goes beyond time and space. This is important to me because I wanted to know my purpose for many years thinking it was based on some sort of talent I have, or business I should open or career path. All these pursuits proved unfulfilling. Discovering that this is my and all our purpose gives a clear direction to channel my energy.”


For now lets accept that the past ideals that you had were limited to your cultural conditioning and lack of initiatic instruction as you are getting now. So indeed those were not your purpose of life but lets focus now more on the exploration and allowing yourself to expand into the world of Kemetic wisdom and see where it leads. Lets remain open and realizing that the true purpose of life may be said to grow in wisdom but even that can be constrictive in terms of what that is understood to mean. So if there is an open mind and a heart that moves towards ethical conscience and peace, then there is no telling where the limits might be -if there re any, as to the grandeur in purpose that an evolving soul can have.



1-The first aryu occurs when the first instance of time and space arises. However, the negative aryu that leads to egoism by clouding the notion of self-awareness as all-encompassing and reduces that to the level of individual soul, occurs later through time and the intensity of cumulative experiences in time and space that cloud the vision of eternity.

2-An excellent question. Since the Divine is timeless and infinite there are infinite souls and virtually infinite universes and virtually infinite time to incarnate into. Since Creation is illusory like a dream, if you live 100 years you can have 100 years of dreams; so too if you live 1000 years you can have 900 years of more illusory dreams. They are all illusory but you can still have experiences in them as long as you may want to. They occur in mental space which is like a computer folder and you can have a folder in that and a folder in that one too and so on but in the Divine computer there scarcely are any limits. Souls wait in the wings as in a theater and come out into time and space when a proper vessel for them to pursue their desires, comes into existence. And again, since God is timeless there is no limit so as many souls as want to incarnate, so many souls can eventually when time and space opens up a way for them. Those that stay long enough and lose their way get caught up and become ignorance and fall victim to the cycle of birth and death., Those who awaken come back no more and live a life of peace even before death.

Even at the end of a cycle of Creation those souls who are still not awakened will wait in the vastness of subtle dimensions of space outside of Creation, like the dreamless sleep plane, for the next Creation to arise and more animals, people and such to incarnate into and animate. So a karmic basis is created by incarnating, though for the awakened souls there is no limiting karma/aryu. For those who are ignorant, the aryu is their chain and Creation is their jail. Therefore, the notion of more humans now than before is also illusory for you do not know of all the Universes that came before, that exist even now parallel to this one and will come in in the future. Creation is so illusorily vast that even if you put each person who ever existed on this earth and gave them a whole universe for themselves alone there would be vastness still left to populate. And that analogy only scratches the surface. For Creation is only a perception so it can be as vast as you want and it does not matter. Since matter does not matter what really matters is the essence of consciousness since that is the basis of time and space and the real reality, the abiding reality to be discovered and the reality discovering which all these questions have no meaning and need not have meaning just as the meaning of a dream becomes unimportant upon waking up in the morning.


“Salvation is the freeing of the soul from its bodily fetters; becoming a God through knowledge and wisdom; controlling the forces of the cosmos instead of being a slave to them; subduing the lower nature and through awakening the higher self, ending the cycle of rebirth and dwelling with the Neters who direct and control the Great Plan.”