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If we think of your apt analogy of the “Stop Sign” as a wall we need to break through in order to go beyond the limitations set by our own egoistic capacities we can bang our heads against the wall and beat it and never weaken it. BUT! if we were to concentrate all our efforts say on one brick of the wall until we punch it out or dislodge it from its position then we would have a vision such as what is described in Chap 18 of PMH being able to see through into the Sechit Yaru or Elysian fields the place of divine and realized souls; in other words to see beyond the limits of time and space. Then the rest of the wall would crumble because the secret is out and it is realized the wall was a lie sustained by our own desires, like the monkey grasping the banana. Taffy Shepsy is that process of bringing the energies to a point (ua) that breaks down one spot of Creation. Since all spots are the same breaking down one is breaking them all. Every spot -every point in time and space is composed of Ra and in fact is the same Ra so no need to waste and weaken efforts going all over the place to break down all points or deal with all delusions. Just work on one and the rest also fall.