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Arit Neter S

TTOA Lesson 2 Interactive Assignment

interactive assignment.

I was moved by the analysis of Shems Djeddu

after Ra was healed and he continued sustaining creation, and Aset continued on with her life now as a Goddess with the new wisdom of ra’s true name and magic healing words of power.

Then when you mention that Aset does not get angry, become impatient, and ra does not get angry, even though she POISONED Him, on purpose! LOL!!
Life goes on, even when the truth is told. so what changes? Our perception of the illusion is all that changes. We still must take care of NebtHet, our physical reality, except, drop the attachment. that is the toxicity that must come out when the truth is revealed. Still must take out the trash, clean up dog poop, and make compost tea for the garden. Just be less grossed out by it maybe!

second, when you remarked that Aset no longer needed approval or permission from anyone to be herself. I had a coach tell me this once before, and at that moment, everything changed.

you made several other amazing points, so I will just jump to the last one, about Ra KNOWING ahead of time that Aset would do this! “The Divine is always waiting to be poisoned by us in order to reveal the truth behind it.” ‘The Divine is always waiting on you, is always ready for you to remove the veil”. Like a gentle father setting up his children so they will learn a lesson, Brilliant!

Sebai Maa’s comment about the dream caused this to come through

rowing the boat gently down the stream of immortal consciousness, merrily, and verily, life is but a dream. life is an illusion.

I have never seen the term Aset Nehast, Aset Unveiled Neterty Dual Consciousness of Khak Ab and also, Ab at same time, caring without attachment. NATO: No Attachment To Outcome.

“Ra (Creation) has weaknesses which are there by design, for otherwise how would there ever be freedom from the illusion?”

instead of fighting or complaining about the contradictions, accept them instead of deny them, and “reverse the flow of the senses and desires fro the world to turn them inward and focused on the true nature of Creation”

if the illusion does not help us to attain nehast, then what is it for? It exists so that we can learn lessons, have experiences, and grow, and to eventually, remove the veil. Sebai Maa’s comment s began with this topic. Life on earth is an illusion, and it is temporary, however, I feel that there must be some sort of connection in the spirit realm, in eternity, because everything in existence began as a “thought in the mind of Neberdjer” is this correct? Hetep

Dua for enlightening comments and discourse from all participants. Hotep