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This has been a very comprehensive assignment posting and very much appreciated. I will cover a few points and then answer your questions.

Firstly, it is important for aspirants to know something of ancient world history to have an idea of how we got to where we are today and how Ancient Kemet fits into all that. There are two important reasons. 1-so that they can answer lingering questions about history as it has been distorted by modern teachers and others such as religious leaders with agendas of their own. 2- so that they can begin to see the importance of Ancient Egyptian spiritual philosophy and how the deviation from it has led to those distortions (and cooptations) but also to the degradation of society that is leading human society to disaster and downfall.


This them has been included so that people coming from different perspectives, or who were raised in different religions such as Christianity, may begin to see how those religions were fabricated by human beings and it is not presented to explain Ancient Egyptian religion but just as a matter of comparative religious studies and being able to more easily relate from the standpoint of where people are coming from. In discussing Hinduism and Buddhism the similarities are remarkable but that is because of the connection in ancient times but that does not mean that what Buddhists and Hindus are practicing today is the same as what was happening in Ancient Egypt. It is presented for demonstrating the impact of Ancient Egypt that is still with us AND the fact that what some elements of what survives in present day religions around the world from Ancient Egypt can be verified with what was practiced in ancient times even if the present day practice in Christianity, Hinduism or Buddhism has lost the meaning from what it was. Nevertheless we can restore that meaning through our external researches of scripture and surviving Ancient Egyptian iconography and history and scripture but also confirming those with the internal research as directed by those researches that connects us to the same living stream of spirit consciousness that was experienced in ancient times, exists today and will exist for eternity. If present day aspirants who are interested in Ancient Egypt had been born into and raised in Ancient Egyptian culture and religion exclusively then there would be no need to talk about any other religions since Ancient Egyptian religion has all the necessary components for viable spiritual evolution today as it did in ancient times.


B-Note which one you thought was most important and why: one of the most important parts of the lecture in this video was when it was stated that the spirit Wills creation into being and creation comes into being through the work of matter in the female is matter itself for this reason in Hemet and Indian systems the mail is the earth and the woman is the sky the Earth doesn’t move the sky is constantly moving and changing. This statement is totally different then the doctrine I was raised believing where is the male was the Heavenly aspect and the female was the Earthly aspect. Mother’s teaching it appears to me that there was a reversal that took place somewhere in history in order to place the male gender in he position of active principle and the females in the passive principle placing the male above the female due to their misunderstanding of the teachings and looking at them through egoistic eyes.”


Indeed, it is important to understand that there is a discipline of study in religious and women’s studies that contends that in ancient times the mother goddess was more important than the male god and that is true in certain societies. Likewise it is true that in the last 2500 years the male has been unduly elevated to a patriarchal status. Now, it is more important to realize that in Ancient Kemetan religion the emphasis was on Maat and Maat means balance and balance means complementary opposites in harmony so the male and female are of equal value and one provides soul and energy while the other provides a vessel for the soul and the venue for manifesting the creative force of spirit. So gods and goddesses have equal value in Neterian religion and by extension therefore also men and women have the same rights and worth in Kemetic society. Few if any societies have developed to such a degree of order and true civilization, in this regard, as the Kemetan. In the Kemetan both male and female are expression of the Divine and thus both are sacred. Now the distortions of human beings based on egoism are not divine and there needs to be kept in mind that distinction so as to be free from the illusoriness of the ignorance of society and the delusions of time and space dualities.



. I have a question about the Kemetic tree of life, this is the book that initially regained my interest in Smai Tawi having lost the book Egyptian Yoga postures of the Gods and Goddesses almost 20yrs ago,I think I lost it to a friend who somehow had it when mine came up missing


I have heard this similar statement so many times over the years.



“I was recently listening to the ebook “guide for Asaru aspirants seeking initiation” where it explained that this system is taught later after one is initiated. So what I want to know is even though I’m not initiated as yet can I still work with the Kemetic TOL effectively?”


The TOL teaching is very advanced but if you feel you can follow this practice you may continue to your best ability. Usually it is recommended to engage in foundational studies such as the KEMET 101 course and then Advancing Initiatic coursework such as Egyptian Mysteries Level 12 —before embarking on teachings such as that of TOL- which in reference to the Kemet University curriculum would be considered like a Egyptian Mysteries Level three type area of studies.



  1. I have a question about Hekau and receiving a name. I chose the Hekau AUM Amun Ra Ptah. I was reading within the teachings that your spiritual preceptor gives you a name and a Hekau and my interpretation in reading was that the Hekau is based on your spiritual needs. My question is if you would please give me a spiritual name and I know once you have a Hekau Hekau you aren’t suppose to change it, however, the Hekau is usually picked by ones spiritual preceptor so what am I to do in this situation?”

If you have been working with Om Amun Ra Ptah that is very powerful and you should continue. In reference to a name you can make a formal request by emailing a request to:



Keep in mind that the disciplines are guidelines and each individual needs to apply the necessary and possible practices and fit them in with their lifestyle and goals.

Having said that, it is important as you stated, to keep in mind that meditation is integral so it can be started with 5 minutes but needs to be developed and given more time as the spiritual practice progresses. So if you only have limited time then you need to adjust and take some time from the other disciplines so as to have a more balanced practice.


“Those who have learned to know themselves, have reached that state which does transcend any abundance of physical existence; but they who through a love that leads astray, expend their love upon their body, they stay in darkness, wandering and suffering through their senses, things of anxiety, unrest and Death.”