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Shems Ua Netert

Lesson #16, Interaction assignment, Response to post #6636 attached to original post #6557

In his response to Akua’s post for this lesson, Sebai Maa wrote about the importance of pursuing health of the body in a balanced way, rather than as an obsession. He discusses the importance of creating balance for the “instrument” (body, mind, soul) so that it can perceive higher consciousness.

It is possible to become so focused on making the lifestyle changes espoused by Shetaut Neter, that sight of the true goal is lost. I remember in one audio lesson, Seba Dja remarked that “the path to peace is peace, and the path to joy is joy.” If we forget that the ultimate goal is enlightenment, and that recognition of our divine nature is essential in the process, we can develop negative feelings such as fear of failure, frustration, guilt, or impatience while pursuing health behavior change. I like that Sebai Maa refers to the body/mind/soul as an “instrument;” it helps me to remember that in reality we are the divine energy that flows through the body/mind/soul.