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Shems Ua Netert

1. Level 1, Lesson #16 Video Assignment: Kemetic Diet classes 1, 2, and 3

2. Summary

The Kemetic diet is a way of life that allows one to fully experience Kemetic spirituality. The sages of Kemet prescribed a diet that promotes the purification necessary for true health to occur. True health is being free of pain, physically fit, and able to carry out life’s responsibilities. More than this, true health is being close to the divine. This is achieved through the nourishing of mind, body, and soul.

Fasting, and loss of excess weight can rid the body of ukhedu. Moreover, abstinence from impure substances such as meat and alcohol will prevent it from forming. It must be understood that we are actually light- we are energy. Thus, we promote our health through the intake of life force energy through green foods, pure air, pure water, and righteous teachings. Acidity in the body from meats, alcohol, and other impure substances poisons the body and leads to ukhedu. Overcooked foods also promote ukhedu, or obstruction of the mettu. When the mettu are clogged, the life force cannot get through and this causes disease. The Kemetic Diet Book contains instructions for transitioning into the Kemetic diet, which should consist primarily of raw, green foods. The consumption of greenery allows the purest intake of divine life force energy. Additionally, green juices provide water and nutrients that will clear physical disease from the body.

While the health of the kat (physical body) is important, it is equally important to promote purification of the ka, or mental/emotional body. The ka is fed through the factors to which it is exposed, such as television or other media images, and interactions. Anger and other negative emotions clog the subtle channels of the astral body leading to issues such as poor digestion. Negative thoughts, images and energy, including carnal desires, form a residue within the unconscious mind. This residue clouds the Eye of Heru, or soul (ba), and the person becomes ignorant of the divine. The solution is not to distract ourselves with more movies, music, parties, sex, and other distractions, but to face our issues through reflection and meditation.

Aside from the intake of pure foods for the mind, body, and soul, Kemetic arts now described as “alternative modalities” can be used to promote health. For example, massage removes impurities through the excretory glands (Smai Tawi is a form of self-massage.) Also, reflexology uses pressure points on the bottoms of the feet to release hormones through the body. Meditation cleanses impurities from the unconscious mind. Breathwork can also be effective, as shallow breathing during moments of stress starves our internal energy centers. With proper breathing, we regain the ability to think clearly. (Pills, on the other hand, cannot actually heal the mind.)

3. What impresses me most about this series is the discussion of the concept that we are actually beings of energy. I learned through an introductory science course that matter and energy are actually the same. Through reading the Egyptian Tantric Yoga book, I have begun to realize the significance of this concept. I am finding great peace in reflecting on the truth that everything is the divine: all objects, all people, even all thoughts and feelings are actually divine energy. I find that recognition of the divine as everything causes cravings (for certain foods, experiences, e.t.c.) to diminish because there is increased awareness that at every moment, everything is complete and as it should be, because everything is the divine.