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Bastu Baket

Reply to Sebai Maa’s TTOA Lesson 4 Post #6721

Dua Sebai Maa for your reply to my post #6685. I so appreciated the feedback that Neter Neterty and Kha – k ab are complementary. The initial step of Kha -k ab when applied fully allows one to see the dual aspects of Ra Neter Neterty. I envisioned a road being traveled paved with Kha-k ab then coming to stop sign which is Ra’s illusory aspect but knocking it down with antet begag and an chen moving further as my vehicle now has more power (Taffy Shepsy) and experiencing Ra’s true nature which is abiding and transcendental and resting there. Now that path is clear and can be traveled easily both ways.

Shems Baket