Reply To: Teachings of Temple of Aset Lesson 3 Discussion Forum

Bastu Akhu

Udja Shems Baket,

Dua for your nefer post and insights. One aspect that you shared that keeps reiterating in my reflection which I took as the essence of this lesson and the Medtu Neter is the importance of the philosophy in the ‘tat’ that holds the ideas and concepts to discover the “hidden divinity”. I much appreciated you adding that an authentic teacher/s is needed to assist in deciphering it’s meaning, I thought this must of been what it was like in ancient times and my heart indeed smiled. As you stated “This is not just a language to be deciphered and learned intellectually but as one learns, feels and understands the philosophy contained in it, it assists us in knowing the Divine!” and to this I say dua Sebai Maa, Dua Seba Dja.