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1. Summarize the Asarian Resurrection Myth

– The story of the Asarian Resurrection is the metaphorical story of the unfolding of consciousness and restoring of the soul.
– The story begins at the time before Creation when there was the Primeval Ocean (symbolizing the lack in form of time and space) – NuNu (unformed matter).
– At some point out of the Primeval Ocean rose Nun carrying the boat of Ra creating rippling waves (symbolizing movement and vibration to create the elements, air, water fire, earth).
– On the Sun Barque (boat of creation) was Ra (shining lotus rays symbolizing the sun) who began to create divinities (cosmic forces) into being.
– The main divinities on the barque were Maat, Shu (air), Tefnut (moisture), Nut (sky) and Geb (earth).
– Ra shed tears and other divinities/human beings (aspects of consciousness) were created as well. The divinities Asar, Aset, Set, Nebethet (mistress of the house-protector of upper Egypt) , Tehuti and Sesheta were sent to govern the earthly realm (our consciousness).
– Each day the boat of Ra (Solar sails across the sky and through the underworld (representing the movement of cosmic forces in time and space) as the morning boat (Atet or Metat) and the evening boat (Sektet).
– As the Asarian Resurrection goes Ra selects Asar (Soul) and Aset (Intuitional Wisdom) to rule ancient Egyptian civilization (ruling the lower and higher aspects of the Self- consciousness). Asar and Aset taught farming and agriculture and fought against evil forces. The union of the soul and intuitional wisdom allowed civilization to come into being. This union also allowed for the promotion of health and fighting off negative forces.
– Asar and Aset travelled around the world with these teachings and Egypt (civilization/consciousness) prospered.
– Asar’s (soul) brother Set (ego) was jealous and determined to take over the throne (consciousness) by any means.
– Set tricked Asar by staging a celebration and inviting Asar to lay in a beautifully adorned coffin he previously prepared to fit Asar exactly. As soon as Asar laid in the coffin (fell into the egoistic trap), Set and his cohorts nailed it shut, cut it into pieces (dismembered the soul) and threw them into the Nile River. So the soul being lured by the trappings of the ego became dismembered and separated from intuitional wisdom.
– Aset (intuition) mourned (felt pain of the loss) and it moved her to go out around the world with her sister Nebethet, Anpu, and Sobek in search of the body of Asar (sought to reunite with the soul).
– Aset relentlessly searched for Asar.
– In one version, the body washed up on the shores of Syria and turned into a tree then made into a pillar.
– Aset found the pillar, took the body out of it finding all of the pieces except for the phallus (symbol of fertility) that was eaten by a fish (a symbol of regeneration and the power of reproduction).
– With the assistance of Tehuti (intellectual wisdom) Aset (Intuitional wisdom) in the absence of the phallus (uniting with physical reproduction) protects Asar with her wings, utters chants and blew air on him to resurrect and revive Asar (the soul) to a pure spiritual being (pure spirit). So through the intuitively wise use of words of power and breath we are able to resurrect or remember who we are as spirit.
– Asar becomes Asar-Seker King of the Netherworld ruling over the dead and the living.
– From the reunion Asar and Aset conceived a child, Heru (symbolizing spiritual aspiration) with the assistance of Djehuty (wisdom of magic and writing). Aset had to hide her son (spiritual aspiration) from the jealousy of Set (ego). Selket (scorpion goddess) and seven scorpions (protectors of the body symbolizing seven life force energy centers of the body) help protect Heru.
– While still in hiding Aset nurses Heru (imparts intuition wisdom) .
– Despite Aset’s diligence to protect and nurture Heru (imparting intuitional wisdom to nurture spiritual aspiration) Heru was struck by Set in the form of a scorpion (ego-based mental fetters).
– Aset tries to revive Heru with her powers of resurrection, to no avail and cries out to Ra in desperation to assist her. Djehuty (wisdom of magic and writing) told her he was not dead but visiting and learning from his father Asar who had come back from in the Netherworld (spirit world).
– As Heru (spiritual aspiration) grows up he faces numerous battles with Set (ego). At one point Set plucked his eyes out and the Hetheru and Djehuty helped return his sight (ability to see his higher self).
– So as we aspire to be enlightenment we face many challenges and temptations of the ego where the negative forces of anger, frustration, etc. may overrule our consciousness.
– At one point the decision regarding who should be ruler of Egypt (civilization/consciousness) is petitioned to Ra and 9 justices. The justices proclaimed Heru should be ruler, but Ra (pure spirit) was not sure and Heru had to continue to prove himself) and so the battle continued.
Heru (spirit consciousness) eventually proved himself stronger over Set (ego consciousness, master of duality and time and space). Heru (enlightened spirit) and Set (ego) returned to the boat of Ra (creation) where Set (ego) took his original place as Nebi Ra (protector of creation).

2. What are main take aways from the Asarian Resurrection myth, important teachings to remember.

The important teachings to remember in the Asarian Resurrection myth are:
The story is a metaphor for the unfolding of consciousness and restoration of the soul to be its true essence, Spirit.
Union or integration of intuitional wisdom with the soul is a key to enlightenment
The practice of shedy disciplines such as chanting words for power and use of the breath are resources to aid resurrection.

3. What have you discovered so far about what is important about the role of Aset in the epic teaching of AR? b. What do you make of her character and personality?

The role of Aset is pivotal in the teaching of AR. She is the Divine loving and compassionate force responsible for the resurrection of Asar. The elements of her character include intuitional wisdom, compassion, relentlessness and unconditioned love. Aset also provides access or connection to the many other cosmic forces at play. She helps to integrate them towards the resurrection of Asar, that is intuitional wisdom helps to integrate the cosmic forces towards the enlightenment of the soul.