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Arit Neter S

Lesson 2 TTOA
Video Assignment
A1 Summarize the plot of the Aset and Ra Myth
B1 These are the important insights that I have gained so far from Aset’s saga and her relationship with Ra?

Ra created himself thru the coalescence of the Nun.
Aset the Woman has grown bored with worldly existence. She knows there is more to life. She wanted to know the essence of life, she wanted to know the true name of the divinity known as Ra. Aset used her magic and devised a plan in order to force the Cosmic Force of Creation to reveal the true essence. The Serpent Power of the female divinity was used to pierce thru the veil of Creation, which is a masterful illusion. The Poison from the Taffy Shepsu, the Serpent Power is what destroyed the illusion She was able to transcend the senses, and enter into oneness with the Divine.

When Ra spoke his true name, he also spit out the destroyer, the eliminator, the poison of the taffy shepsy.

Once Aset embraced her disillusionment, she became an enlightened being, she became the Goddess as we know her to this very day. The Mother of Divine Wisdom and Intuitional Vision


can break free from the illusion with the intuitional revelation of the divine consciousness within your own mind. with enlightenment. Nothing is as it seems, not even the Creator, or our perception or idea of the Creator. Once you know the essence of the divine, you can live beyond the realm of time and space. stop movement, stop thoughts, stop time, stop the illusion

I noticed that the shape of the temple looks like her headdress.

Temple of Aset

Ra is a representation of an absolute self created divinity, but Ra is not that entity.
our goal is to create our own reality, as a self created divinity, self created universe, co-creator of our existence.

auten aunkh: there is life inside of the air.air is not what brings us life, but it is something IN the air that sustains life. Not the air itself. Ra represents the Divinity that is in all of Creation, but Ra is NOT the self created divinity.
Aset wanted the Auten Aunkh Ra, not the Illusion of Ra. Not all the wonderful things he claims to have created.

Aset had learned much, saa, knowledge with understanding and feeling, but still felt empty inside.
She became khak ab dispassionate detachment. disgusted with life on earth.
We must also be detached from the things, or people, that we like about earth

She wanted to become akhu shepsu, holy beings, shining spirit, enlightened beings
even if you make conscious decision to make changes, the aryu might be so huge that it will take awhile to see a difference. turning away from time and space and towards the Divine.
One can attain royal status by working on developing oneself. By learning how to see beyond the veil of illusion.
She began this journey as a woman. It does not say how long it took for her to finally take the actions. It does not say how many years she spent doing shedy before she got the idea for this plan. If Lady Aset can achieve this, so can aspirants.

Since Aset was a woman when she made the taffy shepsy, we can make our own taffy shepsy by manipulating earth with spirit

shedy practices and rituals help to direct physical nature towards spirituality. Perhaps this is another example of manipulating earth with spirit. can use shed as taffy shepsy
it is one pointed movement, focus, concentration that pierces the illusion, the veil of the divine

the illusoriness of time and space is a manifestation of Ra, Spirit. The piercing through the veil of Creation is the power of Aset. The Veil of Isis, removing the veil of Net, to see Creation unveiled.

inhale, upward movement, dissolution. from physical to subtle
exhale, downward movement, creation. from subtle to gross

aside note:
Sekhmet: healing through the breath of life
Kemet Kissing: smelling each others breath; modern, sharing spit! tells me that in Kemet, were exchanging spiritual essence, and in modern, sharing physical secretions.

(stars of immortality are the northern stars, the stars of the north. (Sirius, Orion, Big Dipper, etc) Aset revives Asar with the winds from the North, the winds of Immortality.
open the mouth, open consciousness)

her words can control, and can cause something to expel.
“when you bring out the truth, the poison comes out also” Sebai Maa SMAA

metut: bring light into the darkness, turn on the light, and the darkness goes away. darkness is ignorance and light is enlightenment. bringing forth the name is the understanding of who you are.

Ra did not want to share his essence with her in front of the others, wanted privacy. must transcend the senses in order to unite with the divine. withdrawing from time and space, from conscious reality.

words of power control the poison, metut is the poison. spit out the truth, spit out the poison.
Ra is the time and space name, not the true essence.
everything that Ra has created is an illusion. Our senses merely translate the illusion into a form we are comfortable with, based on our experiences and our perception. the duality is not the truth. break down the illusion and the truth is revealed. THIS is the relationship of Ra and Aset: Creation and Dissolution.

when we come to class, the teachings become the poison, and when we share them with others, speak the truth, live the truth, the poison comes out too!
how can I create taffy ships in my own life? to destroy the poison? what is the recipe to combine earth with spirit, and dissolve them into a oneness, and produce a single movement? Shedy, writing Music based on my experiences thoughts feelings and life stories. Not always songs of devotion and praise. Not just telling the facts, but writitng music filled with emotion: energy in motion, directed at piercing the illusion. In fact, that taffy shepsy needs to be in every song, or the intention to destroy the illusion. Up until now, the focus was first on telling the facts, then cultural and spiritual awakening, next it was about healing. Then devotion to the Divine. Now, it will focus on destroying the illusion while showing compassion for the unwise. Which brings me back to Balance between HetHeru and Sekhmet. Aset and NebtHet.

Back to Aset: her voice, her wailing had the power to stop the boat. Djehuty had the hekau. Our word has the power to stop the motion, to break the illusion, to stop our thoughts. chanting before and even during meditation.

kher voice; vibration kheru speech. vibration transcends physical speech

movement of the boat is movement of the mind, of the waters of consciousness. boat of Ra sails on the ocean of consciousness, Nu
the world of time and space are the movement of thoughts within your mind

maakheru true of speech, will power of Ra. maa means true
smaakheru means to cause true speaking

there is no movement in the true unity, no vibration, no separation. no change.

Aset can calm the waters of the mind, and see right through them, the waters of your consciousness. she is also a master of seamanship, She is a way to navigate through life.through the Illusion.
invocation to Aset is for healing the mind

to poison Ra is to poison the illusion of creation, the hekau is the poison.
the nourishment of Aset is spiritual strength
use the energy of the hekau, the power of the udja, the power of wisdom itself, to pierce the veil of the illusion of creation.
Set is sublimated by Heru, through the wisdom of Aset

once Ra has revealed the truth to you, there is no more delusion, and no more need for the illusion. the aryu might be heavy, deep, high, wide, vast, intense, and this might slow you down as you pursue your goal. keep working with khak ab, tenet agag with relentlessness, fearlessness, in the right way, without anger, create positive aryu, purify mind, heart and life. break it down until it looses power. Maakheru. shedy can bring conscious mind and unconscious mind into synch.