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Lesson 5:
Video 1- kemetic origins of Greek philosophy and western religion part 1.

A-Take notes on the most important themes you heard: 2 kings extended the boarders of ancient kamit. The first was Asar the second was Senusert 1 and there are records of this. This is why S.W Asia, S.E Asia, India as well as parts of Europe, Greece, and Rome were influenced by Kamit. The 3 main cities that were discussed in the lecture were A. Heliopolis the city of the sun this is the city that ancient Egyptians called Anu which has the same meaning in Hindu culture. B.Memphis (Het Ka Ptah). C. Waset (Thebes). For all theses cities there’s a counterpart in Greece because the Greeks came into kamit to study. Sahu is in the delta region where the Nile river branches of into the Mediterranean. This is where the goddess Net was worshipped called Athena by the Greeks. Crete had a people called Minoan culture which came to height around 1500 or 1400B.C which started to develop as a result of contact with Kamit. It was related to the Mycenaean civilization at Peloponnesus. After the destruction of the proto-Greek cities in about 1400 by volcano these people had to move. About 600 years later around 800 B.C there was the development on the mainland of Greece called the Hellenistic period or Greek classical period, where Homer starts writing his great epic and followed by this the first Greek philosophers Herodotus, Pythagoras, Plato and others. 450 B.C. Herodotus travels to Kamit. Then the Macedonian period starts the first European entry into Asia by militarily conquerors led by Phillip II. Phillips son Alexander the great takes his army to another level conquering Asia Minor, India, Northeast Africa Egypt, South Asia and Europe. This brings up the legend of Atlantis not saying there isn’t or wasn’t in Atlantis however the oldest “high civilization” in the world is Kemet. The story of Atlantis comes from Plato by way of his grandfather Solon who said Egyptian priest told him about Atlantis. This is the first mention of Atlantis in history prior to this there was never a mention of Atlantis in any kamitic writing. There’s many correlations between Kamit and Greece the use of red and white people in paintings red for men, white for women. The correlation of the kamitan Asar and the Greek Serapis both represented as a bull.The bull is very important in Kamitic culture it started appearing in Kamitic culture during the time of Taurus in the kamitic zodiac. Another correlation is the ancient Egyptian Griffin called “Sefer”, there is also a minoan griffin, it’s a mythical Beast composite animal that comprises all powers of the universe sent by the desire to destroy all evil. Another correlation is the ancient Egyptian goddess Qadesh holding servings in one hand and another Lotus and papyrus standing on the lion represent power of the universe also associated with The kamitan Goddess Bast and Sekhemit and all are aspects of the goddess Hetheru this iconography was also borrowed by the Greeks from the ancient Egyptians. In The Iliad The Odyssey comma Homer state that the Greek God come from Cush. Homer’s writings set the tone for the myths of Greece. Around 400 BC people called the Roman republic was developed they had contact with the Greeks and they were so impressed with the Greeks society that they adopted all their gods and goddesses and change their name to the Greeks got their Zeus from the kamitic Amun And the Romans got their Jupiter from Zeus. There are direct links like Christianity through Rome.

B-Note which one you thought was most important and why: what I found most important during the lecture was the teaching on Djehuti wherein it was explained that there’s the iconography of Djehuti holding the two scepters. Djehuti is the founder of writing Medu Neter. Other religions complain about African religion claiming African doesn’t have founders of their religions like they claim Moses for Judaism, Jesus for Christianity, Muhammad for Islam. This isn’t true, however, these cultures used this lie to justify their abuse of Kamitans and other Africans. They degraded them and thus gave them licence to treat people of the African continent. Djehuti is the founder of kamitic religion, he provided the writings in hieroglyphic scripture for humanity. He is the God that came down in human form to teach us. This is Hermes in Greek holding the caduceus.
This is important to me because it dismisses the false assertion that only orthodox religion and eastern traditions have teachings of a spiritual nature that has a father, and even though much of many of teachings on the antiquity of these systems of orthodoxy and eastern philosophy aren’t confirmed by the scholars of them they still want to ask for confirmations of antiquity and founders of African Religions due to cultural ignorance and prejudice based on the illusions that the appearance of skin color produces.

Part 2 video 2-of kemetic origins of Greek philosophy and western religion

A-Take notes on the most important themes you heard: the question was asked what does Neterianism mean? The answer is the religion of Neter. Neterianism has 6 main traditions: 1.
1. Shetaut Asar- teachings of the Asarian tradition
2. Shetaut Anu- teachings of the Ra tradition
3. Shetaut Menefer- teachings of Ptah tradition
4. Shetaut Waset-teachings of Amun tradition
5. Shetaut Netrit-teachings of the Goddess tradition
6. Shetaut Aton-teachings of the Aton tradition.
Arab culture should not be mistaken for Islam. Judaism could not be mistaken for Hebrew culture. Hebrews were nomads, they lived in Asia Minor also known as the Mesopotamia. Pre-dynastic red and black kamitic art has pottery with nearly extinct animals called Ibex. Player in history you keep the same suspicions and Mesopotamian art of Iran which is evidence of contact. The winged disk is a symbol of the God Heru, the symbolism is also found in Mesopotamian art. He brings for the Salvation of the people, same character as Jesus of Christianity and Krishna of Hinduism. The Krishna and Shiva religions are part of Hinduism. The image of a person smelling a Lotus in Kamitic iconography is a symbol of opening up of Consciousness. The winged disk symbolizes all-encompassing Divinity throughout the entire universe. Bears images from a cylinder seal from Syria 1800 BC. It has on it a Sun disk, Ankh, Ibex, Sphinx and Maat symbol. The pyramid texts is the oldest text of religious philosophy in the world dating back to the Old Kingdom 5000 BC. The ankh symbol is a combination of a circle and cross the circle means eternity and cross means time and space so the combination means a union between the Eternal and the temporal. The iconography of the two lions “Akher” with the sun disk in the middle symbolizes yesterday (past) and tomorrow (future) The Sun disc represents the Eternal present (now).
The Kamitic deity Asar from the pre-dynastic era with his headdress characteristic of Kamit has a correlation with the king of the dynastic era the Old Kingdom named Narmer founder of the first dynasty in the characteristic pose of smiting the enemy protecting Maat with a mace in his right hand. 3000 years later in Canaan in the land currently called Palestine and Israel we have the god Baal with the same headdress as Asar, there was also the goddess Baalat they are counterparts. Both Asar and Baal were resurrected by their sister Asar by Aset, Baal by Baalat. The Steele that was once on the sphinx is now in the British museum. The Sun disc is the most common motifs in Kamit you see the same motif :/ Babylonian Steele. Just north of Lebanon today on the coast of the Mediterranean is a Steele of the Goddess Qadesh an ancient Egyptian Goddess that was adopted into Asia Minor she’s a form of the Goddess Hetheru and Sekhemit, Qadesh brings forth the aspects of the two both the Lioness aspect and the sexuality aspect. In the Lioness aspect she is the Goddess who destroys evil in the form of serpents(egoism). Lilith is another pre- Judaic Sumerio-Babylonian-Hebrew Goddess. She has lions and owls and she has a wing form just as Goddess Aset does. *It is important that the goddess of wisdom has wings to fly which is symbolic of her ability to rise above time and space.*
According to the Bible Abraham father of the Jews and his family of about a dozen left Ur (modern day Iraq) because of the drought and moved into Egypt and 400 years later with the Exodus of Moses apparently 600,000 people left Egypt. During their time in Egypt that had to be mixtures which would change their features (this is if the Jews mentioned in the story are Semitic) just as we as African-Americans features have gotten lighter from mixtures door knob hundreds of years in America. The Bible says that Egypt is bad how to worship is that in order for Jewish survival they constantly have to go to each other to help them. The Bible says the Africans (including Egypt) come from Ham, the Asiatic people from Shem, and the Eurasian people from Japheth. The people of the Bible are descendants of Hamite group. The 18th Dynasty has the earliest depiction of Hebrew people paying tribute in Kamit these we’re not choose, Judaism does not come in until 1800 years later these were people who are roaming around Mesopotamia (Canaan) out of these people a few of them began to follow what later became known as Judaism. Hebrew culture is not the same as Judaism Judaism uses Hebrew language that developed later. Judaism is not a race of people it is a religion. There were no white Jewish people until the Roman Empire fell. Jews who were in the Mesopotamian region call the Canaanites started spreading throughout Europe and the world and now you have Jews in Ethiopia called Falashas. In the last 1700 years the Jews in Europe became powerful financially because they begin to deal with Commerce.
In the teachings of the Bible the ten commandments, teachings of Proverbs and several other teachings like Deuteronomy can be found in Kamitic teachings. Many scholars call these biblical passages plagiarism. Judaism and Christianity is a reworking of the original kamitic they received. The bloodline of Jesus according to the Bible links and back to him by way of Canaan which makes him of African ancestry and physical description of him confirms this as well. The ancient Egyptian ankh symbol the Roman Catholic Church begin to repudiate the Christians from Egypt and one of the things they cited in their writings called “the heresies” or the heretical writings of Orthodoxy saw that the Egyptians we’re using radical symbols called the are in their churches so the cross now used by the Christian church was not adopted into the church in till much later, it was co-opted. It was changed into the cross we know today and our actually looks like the cross from the pyramid texts. The reason for so many ruins in Kamit is due to the destruction by early Christians in Kamit. They destroyed temples to use the bricks to build their churches and burned fires in the temples like Dendera, thus destroying the artwork on the ceiling.The Christians carved cruises into the walls destroying the hieroglyphics.

The Christian st. Augustine one of the Patriarchs of the Christian church says:
“What is now called the Christian religion has existed among the Ancients and was not absent from the beginning of the human race until Christ came in the flesh from which time the true religion which was already in existence began to be called Christian.”

The Christian st. Anthony has the following to say: “Which is better, to confess the cross or to attribute adulteries and pederastys to these so called gods, beasts, reptiles and the images of men? The Christians, by their faith in God prove that the demons whom the Egyptians consider gods are no gods! The Christians trample them underfoot and drive them out for what they are, deceivers and corruptors of men. Through Jesus-Christ our lord, Amen”

Pope Gregory the Great stated that oxen sacrifice is a African Egyptian custom that that incorporated into Christianity. In a letter given to priests written in 601 A.C.E. endorsed this strategy as a means to attract followers from other spiritual traditions. He writes:        “It is said that the men of this nation are accustomed to sacrificing oxen. It is necessary that this custom be converted into a Christian rite. On the day of the dedication of the [pagan] temples thus changed into churches, and similarly for the festivals of the saints, whose relics will be placed there, you should allow them, as in the past, to build structures of foliage around these same churches. They shall bring to the churches their animals, and kill them, no longer as offerings to the devil, but for Christian banquets in name and honor of God, to whom after satiating themselves, they will give thanks. Only thus, by preserving for men some of the worldly joys, will you lead them thus more easily to relish the joys of the spirit.” This is what is called co-optation.
Arabs also built mosques on sacred Kamitic sites and even with the Museum of Egypt ask them to move their mosque a few hundred feet they said no because their mosque was in a sacred site which is very ironic considering how it got there. Muslims also did the same as Christians did to Kamit by destroying thousands of Hindu temples in India and substituted Hindu temples for mosques. Muslims, Christians and Jews are all substituting the temples of other people’s religions for their religious buildings and also distorting the iconography that they used like the Kaaba which is pre-islamic and had many gods and goddesses. Muhammad came along and said the gods and goddesses should be removed from the Kaaba and it should be a place of worship for Allah. Muhammad was chased out the city 100 miles north to Medina where he began to get a following. He got an army together and marched on message, they took it over removed all the symbols out trampled and destroyed them and replace them with the strict worship of Allah. Of course some of the gods and goddesses and there were from ancient Egypt. This was supposed to be a secret spot because a media on this spot and they called it a seed (like semen) coming down to the Earth. That meteorite was placed in an oval shaped structure which is the same oval shape around the image of many Christian iconographies and their predecessor image is Aset of Kamit.
The concept of the Elohim:
The concept of Judaism and Islam both started with many gods and goddesses and they somehow developed the idea of there being only one God and no others at all which is actually Zoroastrian concept. In ancient Egypt there are symbols of one God:
So the concept existed in ancient Egypt that there is one Supreme Being even though it offends the gods and goddesses. The Orthodoxy of Christianity Islam and Judaism took out the gods and goddesses and replace them with Saints and Angels which have the same function of the Neteru (gods and goddesses) but they don’t call them gods and goddesses anymore.

B-Note which one you thought was most important and why: the most important part of the lecture to me was when the statement was made that it’s okay to depict God but when they start to believe that this is the only depiction that is the absolute this is where we have a problem. It’s okay to have God and you’re in it but when you say this is the only protection of God and everyone else is going to hell then you have a problem. This is important because the image used to promote Christianity for years was the image of a white Jesus which was used to create power for those who call themselves White and make others who are not in this image feel inferior and at the same time give those who are in this and its justification for enslaving and abusing those who are not in the image of the god they were promoting.

Video 3: Kamitic origins of South Central Asian religion and culture and the relationship between ancient Egypt and ancient Indian religion part 1
A-Take notes on the most important themes you heard:
There are three most important items of study in cultural anthropology. They are:
1. Evidence of contact
2. Form
3. Function
Western culture looks for differences instead of connection.
Evidence of contact: “Some Hindus claim the Nile to be one of their sacred rivers; they also regard as sacred the Mountains of the Moon (in Uganda-Congo) and Mount Meru (in Tanzania). Both in India and in the Indianized Kingdoms, Southern Mount Meru was regarded as the mythical dwelling place of the Gods. Each of these statements reflect millennia old relationships between the blacks of Africa and South Asia. The Ethiopian Kebra Negast regarded Western India as a portion of the Ethiopian Empire. “Murugan, the God of mountains”. -From: U.P. Upadhyaya “Dravidian and Negro-African International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics” v.5,No 1 January 1976, p 39. These Southern Indians say their God comes out of Africa these people say that this God Murungu was “indianized” which we can say was “Aryanized” into the sons of Sheba according to these Indians. This is what is accepted by Indian Indiologists. These gods that are said to be Aryan gods are actually African in origin.
Diodorus is recorded as stating that the first king Asar of Egypt traveled to India and later this King Asar was turned from African into a Indian by Indiologists. Not only did he travel to India he traveled to Europe and all over Africa and what he was doing was extending civilization. He was teaching people how to farm religion etcetera India taken as a whole beginning from the North End is subject to Persian is a continuation of Egypt and the Ethiopians this was written in 345 A.D. this is right after the Council of Nicea of Bishops. They closed the Egyptian temples and canonized the versions of the books that would be accepted for the Bible. These are the same Romans who started Roman Catholicism were studying and exploring the whole area and conquering the land. This is part of their account of events and their descriptions of the Kamitans and their history Herodotus mentions the Indian tribes and that their skin is the same color as the Ethiopians.
Asoka (c. 291-232 BC), emperor of India. He sent missionaries to countries as remote as Greece and Egypt. His reign is known from engravings on rocks and from traditions in Sanskrit literature. It was the most celebrated ruler in India known for his benevolent Rule and for making Buddhism the official religion of the Empire. These missionaries were in contact with each other. There were Buddhist Indian colonies in Egypt as early as 50 BC and this comes to us from the Indiologist researchers. Indiologists are researchers of Indian culture and history.
Apollonius of Tyana was another important figure who existed at the time of Jesus proposed birth. The important factor here is that there is ample evidence in the writings of the time about Apollonius and his life. He was said to have performed miracles, healed the sick and foretold the future. He studied philosophy and the teachings of the Gnostic mystery schools of Greece and then traveled to India and Egypt where he was instructed by Sages. He returned to Rome and preached salvation and resistance against injustice.
-The Life of Apollonius of Tyana by Philostratus 220 A.C.E.

The Indus Valley tree goddess iconography has the same image in the tree got it I cannot conceive of ancient Egypt in Egypt the tree goddess is oftentimes the goddess Nut or Hetheru.
There’s Pottery styles that are the same between ancient Egypt and India there are similarities and Tantric symbolism. There is the same use of the lotus and Creator deities Nefertum and Brahma. The trinity coming from the all-encompassing Divinity is the same and ancient Egypt and India they both have a daily and a cosmic beginning and end. The deli is a microcosmic example of the macrocosmic beginning and end of the universe. They both have the concept of the cosmic egg. The Crescent Moon is given highlighted status in Egypt and India it has the same exact meaning in India as in Egypt it is a symbol of the divinity of intellect and purified mind.
The goddess Aset and saraswathi of India are the same, they both are the goddess of wisdom and both use wings to fly above the physical world and to help the intellect to take flight. The worship of the serpent is the earliest form of yogic philosophy that is discovered in ancient Egypt the worship of the serpent of the caduceus has the same iconography in India as it does in ancient Egypt, the worship of the cosmic serpent. The Lotus feet of Vishnu and the lotus feet of Asar are the same. The goddess Hetheru of Kamit and Durga of India have similar qualities. Hetheru turns into Sekhemit in order to destroy the unrighteous and Durga turns into Kali to destroy the unrighteous.
The earliest Hindu culture in the Indus Valley was much larger in 2500 BC before the lightning of the heat of Indians by The indo-aryans Who also came into Europe and Arabia. They changed the face of the darkest skinned Indians. Later the Greeks in 300 BC and also the Arab Muslims invasion in 1000A.C.E – 1400 A.C.E all of these events had an effect on the lightning of the hue of skin and the destroying of the Hindu temples as well as how the Indo-Aryan brought in the concept of the caste system which is a racist system that places the darker skin people in a lower status in their society than the lighter skinned peoples. The Vedas came in with the area and 1500 through 1000 B.C.E
Later in the Hindu tradition the so called sage called Manu who wrote a text called Manusmṛti which is an aberration everything that is Hindu and even Aryan. It was adopted by the ruling people of Indian culture in Northern India. Within the teachings of the Manusmṛti teaches among other things, that women are to be treated no better than dogs and that the darker peoples are to be shunned. This was around 200 BC when the caste system that is still practice the Day begin. It is akin to the racism of Western culture and South Africa this is where this type of racism and prejudice based on color began if I’m not mistaken.
Veda means knowledge, enta means end so Vedanta is supposed to mean the concluding portion of The Vedas the important aspect or cream of The Vedic tradition, however, there is no evidence of that. It’s a cooptation of The Vedas. It’s something said so that people will say it’s part of the same ancient tradition. It’s the same as any new cult that pops up. It’s easier to say it’s part of an ancient tradition or offshoot of something than to say it’s a new completely different thing this is the reason for this type of cooptation in The Vedic tradition
Man who was the crystallization of opinions that were circulating around that time intermarriage was prohibited and patriarchal rule became the norm
Up until around seven hundred years later with the Resurgence of Tantrism and Shaktism which are Traditions that affirm the female aspect of spirituality especially Shakti which is Sekhem in Kamit. Kundalini is the goddess development of shaktism. People look at the Vita’s as a sacred text but they don’t study it. In Kamit they didn’t have the issue of the mistreatment of women or the subjugation of darker Peoples by the lighter-skinned or vice versa. There was intermarriage of people of different hues and races without a problem also priests could marry soldier class farmer farmers could marry musicians etc.

The bhagavat Gita is pre classical yoga. The Yoga sutras of patanjali or classical yoga according to indiologist where they outline a specific system of yoga process where one of these stages of yoga development or practice is pranayama which is actually sitting and breathing rhythmically, it’s not breathing alternate nostrils or attention all he said was sit and read with medically all these things are modern developments within the last 500 to 700 years

B-Note which one you thought was most important and why? During the lecture the information that I found upmost importance was the mention of the Indian Indiologist. The Indian Indiologists admit that any dates use before 600 BC which is Buddhism are uncertain in Indian culture. They get the dates by extrapolation period many of the scriptures weren’t written down until the first millennium BC. Indiologists agree the word yoga means to get as in making a part of some horses. Hannah said the word yoga takes on a whole new meaning, it means a uniting a higher and lower self the same as the Kamitic term of sema or Smai Tawi. So the yoga term that is used today is not the meaning that it originally had it has co-opted and the meaning of The Vedas was given at as its current meaning because of its “better” Explanation, however, there’s no direct connection of the definition now used coming out of the Vedas for yoga. This is important because it brings to light the lies taught as truths of Hinduism and yoga to make it appear more ancient and grandiose. In addition the racist and sexist teachings that was a cooptation into traditional Hindu philosophy and has no place in the original teachings of Indian yogic practice which was akin to Sema Tawi.

Video 3. African origins of South Central Asian religion and culture and relationship between ancient Egypt and Indian religion part 2

A-Take notes on the most important themes you heard: Pakistan was carved out of India in 1949 when India gained independence from British colonialism. The long-standing animosity between Muslims and Hindus was kept in check by the British Colonial rulership. When the British withdrew the Hindus and Muslims went at it and they separated. There is also a “racial divide” between North and South India. The southern population are Dravidians who are ethnically closer to African and features. The north are close to Aryan-Indo-European and Arab in features. This is the same thing that has happened in modern Egypt with the separation and population of the South who have darker people in the north who have lighter people.
In the movie industry of India called Bollywood they don’t show the true demographic of people, they show a lot of skin people who look mostly European and the only time you usually see a darker skin person with African type features is only as a step and fetchit type or servitude, much like most Hollywood movies where blacks are the help or the mammy. Puerto Rico has the same problem and many other places in the world. The closer in ethnicity to Western culture is the only images allowed to Prevail in the movie industry.
There was cultural Unity that existed in ancient times that one from Egypt and other parts of Africa all the way to China according to the writings that mention Senusert and Asar and how they reached the farthest Coast which is China in their travels into India.

Cultural anthropology and how do o relation and what is the difference? Effective support of correlation, they support our investigation categories are broad aspects of culture that all Cultures have them but those may not be able to be correlated. They may not be possible, we might stop by examining the factors for features of these categories. If the factors between those categories Maps then we can say that the correlation is supported. The broad categories like best which is the plot and characters, this is when the scientific relation and correlation of contact evidence is found.

1. Evidence of contacts (can be seen as a category)
2. Forum – the appearances the way things are constructed
3. Function the use of objects

These three are the most important because they are empirical evidence as opposed to theoretical, as opposed to anecdotal evidences, these can be Quantified and qualified. They are objective as opposed to subjective.

Factors of cultural expression between Africa and India:
There are pictures of tantric symbolism in ancient Kemet such as Hetheru unveiling herself to Ra to get him out of his depression, oshun did the same thing in the Yoruba myth. This understanding of the sexuality of creationism bodies in the symbolism of the divinities their interaction really means and interaction of Creation in the universe. Everything has a male and female. What makes you appear different is a slight tendency and your genetic makeup. In the tantric philosophy the woman is on top because it is the woman that does the work of creation. The mail is always on the bottom as expressed in the images of Buddha Shiva and Asar. Also there is the colors for male and female and in the understanding of the colors white is for females and black females white represent Creations in time and space as well as perfection in the physical plane black represents Transcendence. There’s the concept of the tree that provides nourishment in ancient Kemet India and Buddhist religion. The concept of Memphite theology which has developed in Memphis ( Sokara of Kamit) the factors of the categories the creation myth of Kinect and India the Hindu Vishnuism is almost exactly the same.
Europeans have been writing history in their view and looking at other cultures writing about them as outsiders looking in, thus their distorted view of African cultures. Africans and African American scholars have begun doing studies on African cultures as ones who practice the cultures from an insider point of view and this gives a better understanding behind the practices of African Religions.
There’s two schools of Indiology, the western and the Indian. The basic difference is that Indian Indiology give different dates than the Western Indiologist, the western Indiologist say that Indian culture emerged in around 1500 B.C. while Indian Indiologist say it emerged around 1900 B.C. But even these Indiologist admit that any kind of dating before 600 BC is “speculative” from 600 BC onward to the present date things are pretty well certain on Indian teachings and practice. Likewise in Egypt Western egyptology up to the New Kingdom era they have pretty well established dates that go to about 1900, however, there is other evidence that other African Egyptologist such as Diop and others that have shown how you can correlate the rest of the. Such as the middle, the old and the pre-dynastic periods. This is why they don’t want to accept the dating of the Sphinx that’s something they cannot pass yet the documented history of Kemet goes back further than documented history of India culture. Western culture has a problem accepting anything older than Greek culture.

B-Note which one you thought was most important and why: one of the most important parts of the lecture in this video was when it was stated that the spirit Wills creation into being and creation comes into being through the work of matter in the female is matter itself for this reason in Hemet and Indian systems the mail is the earth and the woman is the sky the Earth doesn’t move the sky is constantly moving and changing. This statement is totally different then the doctrine I was raised believing where is the male was the Heavenly aspect and the female was the Earthly aspect. Mother’s teaching it appears to me that there was a reversal that took place somewhere in history in order to place the male gender in the position of active principle and the females in the passive principle placing the male above the female due to their misunderstanding of the teachings and looking at them through egoistic eyes.

C-Note any questions you may have:

1. I have a question about the Kemetic tree of life, this is the book that initially regained my interest in Smai Tawi having lost the book Egyptian Yoga postures of the Gods and Goddesses almost 20yrs ago,I think I lost it to a friend who somehow had it when mine came up missing but I digress.I studied Hermetic Qabalah for 3 years prior to being introduced to this book and I must say that The kemetic tree of life explains a powerful theurgical system for merging with the Neteru and I was initially was going to pursue this path, however, I was recently listening to the ebook “guide for Asaru aspirants seeking initiation” where it explained that this system is taught later after one is initiated. So what I want to know is even though I’m not initiated as yet can I still work with the Kemetic TOL effectively?

2. I have a question about Hekau and receiving a name. I chose the Hekau AUM Amun Ra Ptah. I was reading within the teachings that your spiritual preceptor gives you a name and a Hekau and my interpretation in reading was that the Hekau is based on your spiritual needs. My question is if you would please give me a spiritual name and I know once you have a Hekau Hekau you aren’t suppose to change it, however, the Hekau is usually picked by ones spiritual preceptor so what am I to do in this situation?

3. I do devotional worship at least twice a day due not always being able to do the noon day worship but I do the acknowledgement at that time. In the mornings I do 5 minutes of alternate nostril breathing, 5 minutes of Hekau then 30-40 minutes of Tjef Neteru then I do devotion which lasts 30-40 minutes followed by daily Hekau for morning, noon, and evening worship then I do daily reading of a verse from Asarian theology and write one of the reflections from A-F on pg 54 of the devotional worship book for 5 minutes then that usually leaves me with only 5 minutes of meditation due to time issues. I know that reflection and meditation are very important and so aren’t the other aspects I just need guidance to assist me in balancing my time for optimal benefits in my daily program. You wisdom on the matter will be most appreciated.