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Continuation Lesson 16, #6690

2. What impressed you the most

As I reflected and reviewed what I have known about health, I am very impressed and helped by the information and I feel it is the whole picture. The response I gave on what is health, and my understanding, has developed into a clearer understanding of taught in the lesson and on the cover of Kemetic diet. Physical fitness and freedom from pain is one aspect of what was being said on this point, but the larger point was health of the body mind and soul which is oneness with the divine. Our consumption of not just some proper physical food and non-consumption of some improper physical food is the basic aspect of diet whereas the role of egoism, ignorance, or Maat and wisdom are fundamental to our aryu, lifestyle, potential, and also manifests as areas of difficulty, addiction, attachment, misunderstanding, nonunderstanding, affictions, and fetters or their opposite in our life. When I struggle with my practice of shedy of physical, mental, spiritual food understanding of how to better act is one aspect but understand why I may acted in a habitual-conceptional way or why I am having trouble acting according to the potential seen in the teachings is where the state of mind shows an ignorance and thus a “difficulty.”

I was also really impressed by the history of Kemet and the greateness of the philosophy, how it has not often been analyzed through its own culture and why this is so important to do because of its antiquity. Also, the history and scriptural injunctions related to the disciplines of the initiates, how clear these are in the Prt m Hru and other places. In reflection it makes common sense that there would be the spiritual diet and general population diet as it is in all cultures that came after and today the spiritual community follows precepts and disciplines and the general population is different. If you visit a culture, you don’t see represented the ways of the inner temple but the masses. Depending if the masses are more or less enlightened that’s what will be seen, with Amercia being an extreme example.