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Response to Shems Akua #6557

There were a number of important and interesting points summarized in this review of Lesson 16. Point c and point d were vary clear and a helpful review of these important points. Point e, the point made on the papyri on the Kemetic diet cover that reads ” Un n Ka Un” and that the Ka is the astral-mental body, reading this review made me better understand that when we feed ourselves with objects, people, and experiences as our substantial food we feed it that which is temporary; when we feed it with the transcendental in Shedy and yoga practice we feel it what endures. The quote that stuck out to me most when reading this and felt was very important is, point I, that disease is an imbalance caused by “relying on ego self to handle problems of the world leaving one susceptible to opinions of others, gain and loss, desires, frustrations.” and continued. This is a very important reflection on the nature of disease and how it Leads to unnatural and unhealthy habits, negative aryu, and cyclic ignorance and rebirth in ignorance. This is a very important point linking the physical and mental dimensions of health and disease in the role of Ukhedhu, egoism, and also through “Un n Ka Un” points us to the spiritual food and dimensions of health. On a practical level I can relate strongly to the information in this point, as it is something to work with and is even The thing we are working with as aspirants to change and propels everything else to wisdom and self control or ignorance and negative aryu.