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Level 1 Lesson 16, Kemetic Diet Class 1-2-3, 1:02:54, 54:29, 1:00:55

Htp di si neter iri mettu uadj and What is a Diet
This is a Hekau. It means that if an offering is given to the divine then it will cause the divine to make ones mettu green-flourish. If you make a move towards the divine the divine will make a move towards you and will reciprocate. Also used to make an offering to someone, heal someone, offer foods, etc by propitiating the divine.
The popular concept of diet is eating what you want and when you get obese you go on a “diet.” A diet in the yogic sense is a proscribed set of foods for health and wellbeing. Kemetic diet is a way of life, thinking, eating, living that allows one to perfect yoga practice and experience of Kemetic spirituality.
Kemetic Diet Book Cover
fruits and vegetables surrounding three symbols. First is a scripture that reads “Feed the Ka with what endures”, next is the Ankh (beginning of life process and eternal-circle and temporal-cross), Third is the Eye of Heru. These represent foods for the body, mind, and soul. Un n Kha Un: Feed the Kha with what endures. Ka represents the (mind-emotional body-thought body-feeling) When we are watching tv, talking with people, entertaining fantasy’s; these are all foods. When we feed our mind, we are feeding ourselves energy (positive or negative). These becomes lodged in the unconscious mind and darken the Eye of Heru (awareness and transcendental self.) That eye (soul-unconscious) becomes ignorant of the higher glory which exists beyond the body mind and soul. The Kemetic diet is designed to feed all three parts to have health of body, mind, and soul.
Kemetic Scriptural Injunctions
In various places Kemetic scriptures state an initiate must practice a diet free of meat, fish, and control of carnal-sexual appetite. If these are not done, a person’s physical body will not be capable of sustaining divine consciousness. These scriptures include instructions of the temple of Aset, Prt M Heru (30B, 64, 137A),
Vegetarian diet was primarily applied for the initiates. When the general population of Kemet came to the temple for healing they would first go to the Shepard of the Anus, a priest designed to cleanse the digestive tract through cleansing and moving towards a green diet including specific herbs and other healing modalities. The teaching here is that ordinary people can do what they want and nature will show them the way by problems and difficulties. Indigestion leads to learning proper digestion, difficulties lead to learning. The discipline of the Kemetic diet is for those who want to pursue true health and spiritual enlightenment.
When working with the masses you help them do the best they can do, but the practice of the initiate must be different and used for the purpose of spiritual practice. The dietetics of initiates are now being included in the general health information of the masses but this doesn’t mean they will get serious about true physical mental spiritual health. The masses will often try and find reasoning to support their addictions and habits and make it ok.
What is True Health?
Health is being able to be free of pain, fit, and physically able to carry on the duties of life. A person can be fit and be experiencing ill health characterized by athletes who suffer from health issues. For example a person with a leg issue can attain a higher spiritual consciousness while someone is fit may have an ignorant frustrated mind. True health means being close to the divine. Your body could be crushed-dying-pain but if your mind has achieved Nehast (god-consciousness) or MaaKheru (truth of speech) then you are healthier then someone who is young and has lots of life but has no spiritual consciousness. Many of the people who are “Standards of health” can have unrighteous thoughts, uncontrolled desires, bad diets that will lead to issues. For example OJ Simpson had a problem before the issue arose but he was considered “great” before this. The masses have been taught by society and culture to live vicariously through these people, this is how we have been taught and instructed and this is a form of unhealthy mental food. Whats important is discovering Kemetic spirituality. In truth its truly simple; we have spent so much time and energy searching for the answers to health, fountain of youth, etc. Kemetic teaching is that the body already is embedded with the wisdom of health. All that a human needs to do is put in the raw materials that are necessary for the body to conduct the processes and metabolic functions that lead to a viable human body.
Akh Udja Seneb
Usually spoken after the name if you speaking about someone who is due respect and homage. Udja often referred to as a “fire-drill” (to make fire), the life-force energy that courses through the human comes into the astral body through the Sefech Ba Ra and course up and down the subtle spine (pillar of Asar-Djed). If that Pillar is unobstructed it starts a blazing fire that burns the personality and leaves ashes (physical personality) while burning up the egoistic mind and leaves divine consciousness ( higher perspective.) If that fire is allowed to burn properly it consumes food and it is metabolized properly and the gastro-intestinal system is like a pit into which one throws spiritual offerings ( putting offerings into the fire). If you throw an item which is not combustible (meat, drinking too much liquid, too much cooked foods etc) this squashes the fire. Seneb means “health-well being”, the full spelling includes the symbol for the Ba (soul), and this means that if you have true health this means health of the body mind and in particular the soul. So Kemetic concept of health goes beyond the ordinary concept of health.
What are the foods for the mind and soul
We are energy beings. In the Asarian resurrection myth the divinity Asar has been killed, Aset finds the body which has grown into the pillar, she opens the pillar and finds the body. She starts fanning the body with her wings (divine consciousness, ability to fly, elevated vision and all encompassing consciousness) The Sun disk symbolizes that all encompassivne divinity. This gives one automatically expanded consciousness. The more divine consciousness experience, that relates to more life-force. When we have a constricted perspective (frustrated, egoistic, limited), this results in the most limited form of life. This leads to degration worse then animals, you don’t see animals going into store to buy drugs, cigarettes, meat, stressed out and addicted due to stress. This is worse then animal kingdom. When this happens we have to seriously consider how we are leading life, a higher vision is the answer. When indulged in carnal appetite it will lead to being too skinny or too fat ( not eating enough or eating too much) which clogs the mettu-obstruction.
Mettu-vascular system
60 thousand miles of tube-vascular systems for fluids energy etc. The Kemetic diet is designed to keep these clean and keep them from getting obstructed by toxins poisons etc. Gross mettu including physical aspects; heart, adrenal pathways, digestive system, brain conduits, major conduit in the spine. The Subtle are the nerves, capillaries, nervous system, mental conduits. If the Mettu is green this represent a state of health. By an incorrect diet Ukhedu develops. The teaching of Kemet is that disease is caused by the foods that are ate.
Mind vs brain
Brain is to mind what clothes in washing machine are to electricity. Any appliance needs electricity(mind), without the mind the corpse is not enlivened. The mind therefore is separate from the physical body. Meditation allows you to experience yourself without the body, and this means experiencing the Astral body. If the Ka is dull (dull thoughts- dull mental food) by associating with the physical body and desires which cause impressions in the mind. These dull impressions obstruct the mind. The brain has various connections for electricity where thought is passed through. Certain drugs effect the brain and produce psychedelic or hallucinatory experiences. This is one of the main reasons why people turn to drug addiction because they want to experience expanded consciousness but this doesn’t work. If they were to put down the drugs and start studying yoga philosophy and meditation, this leads to true divine consciousness. The drugs destroy the body and inhibit true divine consciousness. The greatest high is divine consciousness and the pleasures of life is experiencing a higher level in divine consciousness – more fulfillment happiness and joy. Even people who have experienced this or know about it it can still be difficult to give up the addictions and addictions to physical existence to carnal and mental pleasures leads to difficulties in applying oneself to purification and attainment of higher consciousness. This difficulty is caused by ourselves and the life we have lived.
Acid vs Alkaline
All creation is dual and composed of opposites, and the balance between these opposites. The raw materials can be classified as either acidic or alkaline. This teaching is the key to promoting health. Certain foods promote acidity which leads to toxins and if they can’t be removed those impurities are lodged in the body. Kemetic initiates were focused on eliminating built up fat and creating healthy digestive tract. The “Shepards of the Anus” were designed to cleanse the digestive tract, the source of fire. Where the impurities develop in the mettu this becomes a specific disease due to toxins and poisons. The body is supposed to be slightly alkaline while being balanced in-between. Acids produce Ukhedu (mucus). Acidity and alkaline also manifest on the thought and spiritual level ( acidity lead to frustration anger desire etc, alkaline thoughts leads to sublie virtous spiritual thoughts.)
Ardently pursuing righteousness and purification of body mind soul
Failure in life is caused by not acting in accordance with nature. We must become ruthless. We are facing pent up desire and impressions. IF you Chant-affirm yourself into something you become to act by it and are forced into an action. Therefore we must be ruthless about our righteousness and purification of our unconscious mind to allow us to pursue the teachings to the highest degree. Health is essential to this, the highest degree of health allows for the highest degree of understanding of the teachings.
Greening the Body
Vegetarian diet, no alcohol, no smoking. A focus on greenery (highest source of light-energy.) You also live on the life-force that is within the righteous teaching. Greenry is Asar. Represented by vegetables, lettuce, and the fruits produced by the trees. The purpose of this “green” is to make green the mettu including all the vessels of the body. Not eating proper foods leads to imbalance, the polarities of health are acid and alkaline. Too much acid leads to the disease process manifesting as mucus, phelm, pustule, etc. If the excretory system cannot eliminate the acids the fats in the body take them in and lead to obesity (built up of excess poisons.) green is a color of balance, of the heart. Heart in Sefech ba is the center between above and below. Life force energy travels through the mettu including blood and invisible subtle mettu of the astral body. Poisons in the form of too much acid forming food and cooked foods leads to obstructing the mettu of the body, negative emotions and thoughts block the astral body and the third Sefech Ba Ra. Western medicine is not focusing on diet and thoughts it’s focused on pills with many adverse side effects. The protein myth is promoted primarily today by the cattle industry and also has its origin in regions lacking vegetation but it was still unnatural. Meat eating produce aggression, constipation, and mucus. Mental diseases of anger, depression, etc.
In Ancient Kemet they did not have to deal with modern processed foods especially by Western cultures. This did not mean their life was easy, there was still the ability to eat prohibited foods, over eating, etc. Fasting was used to transition into a proper diet. Eating out of habit is not enjoined. One should eat at the proper time when hungry not because its dinner time, etc.
Breath. This is another part of the diet by taking in life force energy through the breath. Sebek the crocodile god is about breath control as well as while chanting, singing, etc. How the breath is used can lead to squandering the energy or developing life force energy. Shallow breathing is one way to squander life force. Stress encourages shallow breathing, and this leads the mind to fall into imbalance. Taking a deep rythmic breath is the first step to bring yourself back from the delusion, stress, and negative thinking versus getting deeper into the stress, paralysis, etc. Alternate nostril breath is also good. Sound diet; proper foods, not over eating, not eating out of habit, proper exercise, right mental foods that allow the mind to be opened, etc.
Greening the Mind
It is clincically proven that the mental state produces changes in the body. Pure thoughts are important for health. Eating pure foods with pure thoughts. The difficult philosophy is made possible through pure foods and pure thoughts. Many want to listen to high philosophy like the Prt M Hru, Egyptian yoga vol 2, Resurrecting Asar. For these to be made effective the Kemetic Diet, postures, fasting, yoga disciplines are essential. The desire to use only the intellect and call this spiritual advancement is egoism (Setian.) With this practice one can pursue the teachings forever and not progress. Distraction from the true source of the problem is the norm. What an aspirant must to is reflect, contemplate their life, fast, purify, seek to overcome the negative aryu and obstructions instead of encouraging them and continuing in that line. Mental foods that are unhealthy include negative thoughts about oneself, reading tabloids, gossiping, etc. These lead to bitterness through negative mental food.
There is one disease (Ukhedu) and one solution ( Green diet, be made green.) Disease is caused and enforced by stress that is not being handled. If you are comfortable, spontaneous, and relaxed with the universe there is no reason to be stressed. Stress is caused by relying on our ego self to handle the problems of the world. That ego self is always susceptible to opinions of others, gain and loss, desires and frustration of not being able to attain our desires. Stress relief for the masses is handled by junk food, intoxication, sex and sexualized relationships, shopping, tv, partying, music. These all take us away from our true self. This was not the use of music in ancient times. These just delay the inevitable because the unconscious mind (filled with impressions of sress, anxiety, etc) is always present, so when these things wear off your still have to deal with this. The only real relief from this stress is spiritual enlightenment or to be on the path toward it. This is the only way to truly enjoy life. Disease is an imbalance that causes microbes to take over or become depleted. Also stifling the mind with negative impressions. Inflexible mind leads to inflexible body.
Three major downfalls
Food addiction (1st energy center), sex addiction (2nd energy center), ego addiction (3rd energy center.) All these lead to frustration, anxiety, worry, attachment, vanity, etc. An initiate must be very careful with these three.
Black Foods- foods for the Soul
Black foods, food for the soul, Asar becoming black: Transcendental consciousness beyond all colors and all foods.
Transition Diet
One must be careful if they are coming off meat. Make a transition from current diet of body mind and soul to the green diet of body mind and soul. Cooked vegetables and soups are ok. Move gradually to %50 diet to an %80 raw food diet. Be careful of having too many fruits near meat diet because of fermentation. The Green diet will start cleansing you and produce mucus eliminations. If the transition becomes too aggressive, get proper personal guidance. Everyone has to decide what foods to eat tell the intutition is developed and one knows what to eat. One should be persuing seasonal foods and GMO/inorganic foods. All foods you enjoy should be considered temporary so that you can let go of it and eat the next seasonal food. When done right this leads to a perennial enjoyment. Lemon water in the morning is a good alakaline drink to start the day. Fasting is used to cleanse the food out and allow the body to break down built up waste. Laxative foods like senna tea, bitters, etc are going to be beneficial as well. A Kemetic diet will then be able to replace the purgatives, enemas, and long aggressive fasts if you have the proper Kemetic diet and regular fasting. If health is compromised go and get a green juice. Vegetarian vitamins and supplements as needed. This will allow you to maintain yourself in a state of health. The best juices are organic, unpaturized, and fresh. Bottle water is good, disilled water is not as good as true spring water. Supplements and green mixes can be added to water to add alkalinity and minerals to it. If you become cleansed in the way that’s enjoined you will experience lightness of body and mind, loss of excess weight, the mind becomes cleansed from egoism and desires. This peace allows for awakening of the higher consciousness. To become green allows you to become one with the greenness of the Asar, the soul, our higher destiny the transcendental.