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Bastu Baket

TTOA Lesson 4 Reading Assignment

Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

For me I would say, Neter Neterty meaning this divinity is a dual divinity as it applies not only to Ra the creator of worldly manifestations but also to the Absolute Transcendental Ra, the substratum of Creation. So we are to understand there is more to Ra the Creator and Aset shows us how she goes about realizing this.

Also the hieroglyphic term for Khak – Ab which means repudiating, disgusted, etc. Right in the beginning of the glyphs is a dead fish, smelly and rotting so it signifies something isn’t right. Here Aset uses her feelings of repudiation, disgustion of worldly desires, forms, etc. to focus, concentrate and turn to reflection on what is beyond worldly things, what is truly real. It is one of the essential qualities needed by aspirants to move closer to Neberdjer, self-realization.

Shems Baket