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A fundamental question and you yourself have presented the answer in your statement: “Is it our egoism that create the illusion of conflict or is it by its own nature?”

I have often given an example of a tree. If you ask the tree what is his purpose what would he say? “I’m just here doing my thing, just being.” Now when human consciousness develops with the ability {KA} to have self-consciousness plus cognize about the nature of existence but forgetting the transcendental nature of self- then all those dualities and conflicts ensue-i.e. egoism. Egoism causes a restless pursuit for wholeness in which trouble is seen everywhere since the vision is fragmented. The ego cannot just be like a tree so it runs all over pursuing things and people for its fulfillment, not realizing it is there but mixed up with the ignorance and negative patterns from old, impure aryu. When the nature of self is realized then there is no conflict and even more than that, the question about duality or non-duality becomes moot. So the problem is not with Creation, the problem is with ignorance about the nature of self and the nature of Creation. So no egoism, no problem and indeed, no question.


“Those who have learned to know themselves, have reached that state which does transcend any abundance of physical existence; but they who through a love that leads astray, expend their love upon their body, they stay in darkness, wandering and suffering through their senses, things of anxiety, unrest and Death.”