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A good summary of the overall wisdom presented in this lesson.

I want to especially highlight one statement as it is crucial to the understanding of the goal of the teaching and the nature of enlightenment:
“The sage maintains a particular kind of dual consciousness meaning seeing the individual person, object, or experience as well as seeing only the divine.”

Indeed, the duality is more of vision than of consciousness and relates to being able to perceive transcendental essence and at the same temporal superficial nature. So when seeing objects in time and space i.e. Creation, those are recognized as objects as well as essence. So in other words seeing Neter in and as things that spirit has “apparently” differentiated into or is manifesting as.

Now, we may also consider that there is a third vision or we might say that the dual dissolves at the same time into a unitary vision, a non-dual experience in which the sage not only sees God and objects at the same time but from a subjective standpoint those two are melded into the experience of “one-self” —in Other words when the sage sees objects they are recognized, and also when seeing the objects God [the transcendent] is there also being recognized, and the third is that even as the objects and god are recognized also there is recognition that those two are “me” –so the sage is God seeing God manifesting as objects. An this brings a wonderful and transcendental meaning to the saying “Its all good!”

“Those who have learned to know themselves, have reached that state which does transcend any abundance of physical existence; but they who through a love that leads astray, expend their love upon their body, they stay in darkness, wandering and suffering through their senses, things of anxiety, unrest and Death.”