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This is helpful to read. What Akua wrote is very true, and I relate to what you mention in regards to the difficulty of facing the impurities in either physical form or especially in thought. For me at times when I feel impure or have a lot of worries and anxieties it can make me even feel too impure to practice or more difficult to focus on my mantra as a way to change my mind states. As Akua mentioned I am happy to be more of aware of the difference between clarity-wisdom-peace which makes the impurities of body or mind even more uncomfortable – which pushes me to understanding renunciation not as a desire-escape but as a real wisdom and movement toward peace to allow intensive practice to happen which I know is not only peace but also evolution into purity and awakening. One thing I have thought about as I work with these stages especially in Level 1 practice is that we are being persistent and getting real preceptorship and positive assocation – so I think the persistenance will become steadfastness in the practice that is bound to overcome the impurities and inconsistencies. I truly believe that going through some of these things is a part of waking up versus self-delusion as Sebai Maa mentioned, but I also resonate strongly with the importance of what Sebai has mentioned in regards to really needing to get through. Many practice mechanics of a practice but not actually work on purification and realiziation-undestanding-dissolving unconscious impurities, and that is what we are doing which is a great enedevour.