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A very good and comprehensive report on the teaching of this lesson.

“The study of nature is the first rung on the ladder to greater understanding.”


One important task of this program is to introduce but also inculcate the teaching first intellectually and then incorporating feeling and experience. The first stage of learning the teaching is of paramount importance and then remembering it occurs through knumnt nefer or good association such as this venue. By hearing it again and again in different forms it becomes part of life in a way that can be relied on even when not in class. The teaching reported on here is to be kept as a storehouse of knowledge so the class lesson wisdom learned is not like in a regular school where things are learned and then forgotten after a test. Life itself is the test and the grade is not A-B-C-D-. Rather the grade is how well the approach is to relinquishing worldly ideals and realizing transcendental awareness.


Well done



“”Om” – from Ancient Egyptian demotic papyrus”