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Dua Sebai Maa,

For a bit more clarification, the spiritual checklists and the other schedules suggest 10 minutes rythmic breathing twice daily and 20 minutes silent meditation twice daily. Is it important to keep these separate practices and is the desired order of yoga( when including exercises); postures, followed by breathing, followed by devotional practice and meditation? In one of the guided meditations you do an 8 times in and 5 times out breath, is this a good rythmn to count with or should a general rythmic practice be the best? Also, should we, in time, work up to the traditional 5x 80 reps? I know that the emphasis is on understanding the transcedental teaching behind the symbols, rituals, and practices and that these practices are not to be understood dogmatically but are used to calm the mind and purify the body so that we can center our minds in the Self.