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A good summary.

About the questions:

When a person achieves the great awakening or enlightenment it means becoming aware (awakened to) the expanded nature of Self as being not only the individual but actually the universal. Consequently there is nowhere to go since that person realizes they are one with or better yet the same Self manifesting in all Creation including other people, all dimensions, higher and lower planes, etc. Once awakening has dawned there can be no forgetting just as one cannot forget one has a head.


The restriction of the temple and the inner shrine is indeed due to vibrational balances and also due to training since the ignorant would defile the venue by their ignorant presence oozing with aberrant thought vibrations and impertinent actions that would render hem incapable of making use of the science of the temple for transforming the personality and promoting the awakening.

The ancient Temple was open to all with the right character and training regardless of social class.

The original Yogis who rejected Hatha Yoga are the Indians and not the Egyptians-they saw it as an aberration and disturbance to the serious practices of older periods.

There certainly are many persons who are self-deceived or con artists in the new age field as in other fields. They are referred to as “charlatans”. Enlightenment is knowing the planes of existence by knowing the essence from which all is composed just as by knowing the essence of clay one philosophically knows all forms the clay can be formed into even if they have never been seen. Another example is a dream; if a person knows mind then it does not matter what form the dream takes since it is composed of mind and therefore all that is to be known about a dream is known by knowing the nature of mind and the same goes for the physical plane.


Nehast-the great awakening



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