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Interactive Assignment Lesson 14, In response to Lndsey Hunnicutt, #6551, 6552 and Sebai Maa#5164, 6634,6635

First, I appreciated Lyndsey Hunnicutts clarity and succinctness in the original lesson 14 post. There was such a wealth of information and critical points to the spiritual process in the two videos for this lessons that I was tentative about how much to condense my notes before posting. It was also helpful to see what other saw as most important points of the lecture.

This video lecture was very helpful for me in the same way Lyndsey mentioned. It pushed me to question the worldly strife and issues that I hold onto and how I let these produce stress instead of releasing it as a dream and renouncing the ignorance that promotes the idea that success and struggles in the world are the pursuit of lasting fame, fortune, and happiness (lol.) As was mentioned in the lecture, we are fed this so much through media and entertainments that people are actually achieveing the goal of happiness through the pursuit of happiness in the world. I really contemplate this a lot now and look at other people and ask myself, what is the mental state in this situation, are they really happy or is it a part of the cultural theater, and I question my own aims and how they are maybe based in the pursuit of an illusion or are they in line with achieving Nehast ( true happiness.) More and more this really gives a great feeling of peace and freedom as Lyndsey mentioned, and this is a major part of my process right now – embracing that peace and renouncing the old concept.

I am very very impressed and invigorated by the tradition of the Harpers Song. Along with this, the teaching about the dream concept. From my first time reading Sebai Maa’s books and gleening the wisdom of the harpers songs I immediately resonated with the dream teaching. It is very profound. At times I have attempted to talk about this in my day to day life with “worldy people” and at times been unable to really make the truth behind the point as clear in my own verbalization as it comes through to me in the teachings. So this shows an area where I can study more to understanding this great teaching, and most importantly put it into action – which is part of the process mentioned above that is happening by embracing the peace of the wisdom and going deeper into it.