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This assignment post has been a good review of essential aspects of the teaching of the Kemetic Diet. It is always important to understand that while a certain level of physical health (inc. health of body, mind and soul) is necessary to advance on the spiritual path, this should not become an obsession as that can cause obstructions. So as with other things the health pursuit should be with diligence but with the perspective of a means to an end and that being the capacity to have an instrument (body, mind and soul) that is capable of perceiving higher consciousness. The instrument needs to be in balance, calibrated and constructed with proper materials (vitamins, minerals and low stress) to constitute an instrument that can stand the rigors of life and still perform above the call of duty. The instrument needs to be provisioned with sufficient and qualitative fuels such that it will function to the required specifications and thereby allow the user to do the proper research required to achieve the purpose of the work.


“If you would preserve understanding and health to old age, avoid the allurements of Voluptuousness, and fly from its temptations…. For if thou hearken unto the words of the Adversary, thou art deceived and betrayed. The joy which it promises changes to madness, and its enjoyments lead on to diseases and death.”