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Very good

About your statements in #3:

This teaching, about the dream concept, is one of the most advanced within Neterian mysticism. For it it were completely understood and then completely lived, it would yield not only the stress relief necessary to have a sharp intellect and calm mind to handle the ups and downs of life, but also it would lead to not only accept the changes of relative reality but eventually they could be dismissed altogether. In order for this to happen there are three important ingredients in the personality that need to be developed: dispassion, understanding, relentless effort towards realizing the meaning of the teaching and living it day to day and always; and in fact waking up from the dream and leaving dispassion, understanding, relentless effort behind altogether.

Therefore, continue as you are; continue to draw peace and relief from the negative qualities and at the same time imagine what it would be like to progress to the stage just described? Imagine the song of the blind harper as he sings the following verses as he plays his harp.

How would it be to realize this is a dream?

What would the world look like when this were to happen?

What if this were to happen soon, in this lifetime?

What would you be willing to give up to achieve this?

What is there to give up in a dream?

One cannot linger in the land of the living.

Therefore realize one’s acts on earth are like a dream.





“A thousand men are turned away from their good because of a short moment that is like a dream, and then that moment is followed by death that comes from having known that dream. “

-Ancient Egyptian Proverb