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Very good. a comprehensive essay that was very satisfying to read.

Satisfying because it demonstrated a keen understanding of important philosophical and intellectual arguments I (and others) have been making for many years about the nature of the history of the teaching and its relation to other traditions and what it takes to work through the vicissitudes of the human personality that when controlled by the egoistic desire to support or protect closely held notions, will do so regardless of ethics or evidences to the contrary. This instruction is important and necessary as it illuminates problems in being a follower of the teaching and also demonstrates why the teaching is ineffective with some people and also why the world is in the state it is in today. The study of this subject also allows an avid aspirant (one with sufficient maturity, intellectual capacity, ethical conscience and will) to dispel any remaining diffidence about these issues so as to become free to pursue the teaching with greater vigor (udja) without being held back by social norms or personal misgivings.

This problem of the human personality is a fateful flaw (or rather, an seemingly inevitable syndrome of humanity that eventually leads to self-destruction, like an unconscious death-wish or Greek Tragedy in which the subject cannot help but to lead him/herself to demise) in human constitution itself. That self-destruction syndrome due to the inability to follow truth, is the most serious pitfall that thwarts the progress of an avid spiritual aspirant. That syndrome, born of ego ignorance of self leads to the personality falling under the pressure of physical and phenomenal appearances of reality that weigh on the mind more heavily than the evidence of its illusoriness. This syndrome touches all aspects of spiritual and secular life, including decisive action on global threats to humanity such as nuclear war and climate change. That syndrome impacts aspects of life from the ego identity of gender identity to the ego culture identity and the ego identity with incarnation concept itself. The comfort with the idea of being in a physical body and the intensification of that idea leads to a perspective of life that seeks to avoid discomfort, be it physical or psychological, so as to maintain the present perceived ideal of safety and comfort even when evidence is demonstrated as to the opposite condition, all to support the ego culture, gender, family or societal identity(ies). So, just as the flaw leads to complacency and inertia in matters of personal desire, so too it leads to stagnation and degradation in terms of social and environmental matters and this is why we see competing devolution in the personal and social dimensions of life as well as degradation in the capacity to maintain the natural environment as a viable medium for sustaining human life.

This essay demonstrated a grasp of the human conundrum and also a grasp of the advancing wisdom that forms the pillars of the wisdom teaching including historical distortions but also a deconstruction and reconstruction of the problems of looking at Ancient Kemet while trying to apply modern standards of understanding and forgetting about what the “riddle of life is about “. Very well said.


About your statement: “While acknowledging the possible existence of a yogi system in other civilizations, there is a pride to recognize Indian as being the perfection of the art, relegating other civilization’s practice as being primitive, uncivilized or meek therefore undermining and demeaning them.”

This is a fair statement about how as a culture, many people in India view other traditions in general and competing traditions in particular; with a kind of egoistic pride or cultural pride the idea is, in many ways, really orthodox and as exclusive as western orthodox religions. This of course is within the ranks of the lower practice of religion; the vedanta level which is the mystics are a different matter and Ajit may be included as a member of those ranks.


About your statement: “There are doubters among African descendants themselves perhaps assimilating this to an attempt to validate African culture by pretending we were also doing Yoga. There is a common trap I think some African scholars get into by denying as possibly African, anything that resembles practices being done in western countries: they in fact assimilate this as a counter effect of colonialism where African are trying to find similarities within their culture with Western practices in order to validate themselves. While there can be some truth in that reasoning, it can’t be an absolute rule and in all things, we should be able to segregate what is true from what belongs to distortion. “


I would agree with this statement and add that the problem suffered by many African American and African scholars, and for that matter Indian, Asiatic and other cultures, is the effects of the damage of colonialism and neocolonialism from the time of the Persians and Greeks to the colonization by western Christianity and Islam to the modern slavery and colonialism by western countries and the worldwide scourge of capitalism that has led the way to financing the corruption and devastation of humanity and the environment worldwide. However, perhaps the most enduring damage from the aforesaid corruptions is the seemingly intractable indoctrination by and belief in the concepts and notions of western culture and incapacity to reject those and adopt those that are indeed supportive of life, health and truth, as you have stated, ” should be able to segregate what is true from what belongs to distortion. ” On this issue as with all that are humans caught in egoism, the problem is egoism that defaults to the comfort zone and incapacity to seek wisdom, have the strength to move beyond personal fears and desires because the segregation process means facing the personal and social inadequacies and embarrassments as well as degradations suffered through history as well as the inadequacies and deceptions of integration. Neterianism and Maat philosophy would force the facing of these issues so those scholars teach and study maat as a separate (from western culture) African idea but not as a philosophy to be adopted and live since that would mean leaving behind the western ideal of pursuit of happiness, capitalism, Christianity, family, friends , cultural status and self-worth base on all those as well as the comfort of looking forward and not back to heal and excise the demons caused by the degradations of slavery and jim crow. It is more comfortable to remain in the ivory tower and bask in pseudo-prestiege even if it can be removed in a moments notice, as professor Henry Lewis Gates discovered.


About your statement: “In the same sense, by putting ASAR in the coffin, it is a way of describing how the SOUL when identified with the body is under the control of the forces of SET and therefore lose the ability to see the truth. “


Indeed, the coffin is a constriction of Set. Also, however, it is a potential venue for transformation as it is also likened to a cocoon in which the soul can transform and emerge with wings like a butterfly (Heru). If the redemptive work of Heru is successful then the Asar (soul) emerges with the bandages on the mouth (Saiu Set) removed and it takes its place on the throne of the Netherworld.


About your statement: “However, this use of fear has a greater contribution in reinforcing the adherence of the individual to a belief system that utilizes him to promote mass poverty whereas an oligarchy continues to accumulate wealth under inconceivable measures. In that sense, the lower forces are used not only to promote a pseudo religion but as well as a way to gain blind adherence to a system that does not promote spiritual progression while reducing opportunity to a limited class of the population.”


Indeed, that is the use of fear in religions that seek to marshal their followers into a particular course. In ancient Kemet the fear was directed at the outcome of an unrighteous life, the fate of being led to perdition and the suffering caused by one’s own actions. This is a rational fear based on logic as discovered by the sages. In orthodox religion there is a fear of hell and suffering caused by a demon that is outside of oneself and in Neterianism that demon is within one’s self, one’s egoism itself. So one path is related to an entity that causes evil (the devil made me do it) and the Neterian is an understanding about and realization of error and acceptance of responsibility for one’s fate over lifetimes; which if followed leads to a resolution to be discovered in fact, as opposed to orthodox religion which professes the unproven idea of single chance to draw a fate of heaven or hell forever. While the outcomes (eschatology) of the two views may be seen as pointing to the Neterian as more hopeful, nevertheless, the syndrome of humanity, of those suffering the disease of egoism, leads to the preference of the orthodox, absolutist, literal path of a cruel and unjust god because it allows them to stay connected with family, friends, colleagues and social standing, in other words, it forsakes the future for a imperfect present. This syndrome may be considered as an issue of intellect or mind over the animal or body, a concept alluded to in the iconography of the Herumacket (Sphinx.) versus the animal over the body as represented by the iconography of Set



About your statement: ‘There are many people who come in contact with the kemetic teaching with a tendency of refraining that they have seen this before or there are no fundamental differences from their own tradition. This is a reflection denoting a certain attitude of delusion in support of their practice by not having the desire to evaluate objectively the authenticity and relevance of it in reference to the goal of religion. While admitting they have found great insights from the ancient Egyptian teaching, they are not ready to reason about their own teachings and ask the question why they had to go elsewhere to find insights. This attitude of comparison with an underlined attachment to a tradition will blind them regarding the possibility of learning the essential qualities for true aspirants. “


Indeed, this follows my last comment; The incapacity to look outside the bubble of egoism, its desires, perceived responsibilities and social interconnections, renders the mind intellectually corrupt under the pressure of desires or fears implanted by orthodox teachers. They cannot allow themselves to consider that there might be anything better than their birth tradition they are caught up in for that would necessitate a reevaluation of desires, beliefs, attachments, and in fact all areas of life, which they are not prepared to do. The intellectual corruption defaults to rationalizations about or attacks against whatever is perceived as dangerous to the ego self-concept and comfortable social arrangements despite any debunking of those rationalizations. The rationalizations dismiss and invalidate any further investigations below the surface that would indeed demonstrate the inadequacies, limits or falsehoods they are following and point to a better way of life, thereby preventing disturbance of the mind that is too weak to understand, adopt and follow a tradition that in the end would lead to a higher experience but in the short run produces the struggle of soul-searching, renegotiation of relationships and the recognition that the social order they are following (capitalism, faith-based religion, science without morality, blind obedience to authority, etc.) is destructive and painful. Such personalities do not accept this even when it is demonstrated in stark terms like the constant killings of people of African decent, a problem so large that it caused the emergence of a movement that shames the USA on a world stage. Still such personalities support politicians such as the Bushes who led the country int wars based on lies or the Clinton’s, who ousted the president of Haiti and presided over the plunder of the Haitian earthquake reconstruction funds, fomented coups in Ukraine and Honduras, gave NAFTA to Corporations, Mass incarceration, etc., etc. Of course this weak and degraded personality is not a qualified aspirant and there is no point in trying to convince this type of personality about anything that will challenge their belief system.


About your statement: “True aspirant should always check his own egoistic desire that stops him to ask the correct questions for appropriate reasoning. “


I think this is key. A true aspirant is one who can seek for truth wherever it leads, then adopt that truth and leave lower truths behind. A sage cannot give all of a teaching; it requires the aspirant to ask the right questions and in order to arrive at that point, certain work in purification and reflection as well as application in day to day life, is to be done. Then the questions can lead to keener understanding and purification of intellect. When there is dullness and rationalization even in seekers of the teaching it is the factor of still being in the grip of egoism and rationalizations. Not until there dawns a moving away from that bubble can their be asking of important and profound questions but then also the ability to assimilate, apply and thereby transform with the answers. Otherwise if the questions are dull there will be less chance of transformation. If the questions are lucid but the personality is impure-still gripped by subtle egoism (aspirant that outwardly follows but internally holds back due to fears as discussed earlier) then there will be less chance of transformation.


Very well -keep up the good work



The Ba (soul) visits the Mummified body (Khat)


“GOD hath made Humankind of soul and body-that is, of an eternal and a mortal nature; so that an animal thus blended can content the dual origin-admire and worship things in heaven, and cultivate and govern things on earth… For it is plain that Humankind could not have sustained the strain of both, unless formed out of both natures, so as to be able to possess the powers of cultivating earthly things and loving Heaven.”

-Ancient Egyptian Proverb