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Good summary.

About the questions:

1-While “bliss” or unhindered joy is one of the outcomes of the teaching of the mysteries, the idea of becoming a “co”-creator implies that there are still two creators creating together. This idea is ok in the beginning but it must eventually give way to an ideal of non-dual essence which is to be understood through advancing studies.

2-Those who have “received the light” i.e. atained enlightenment, have done so through health, peace and righteous living and not through artificial means. An artificial attainment is temporary and illusory while the attainment via transformation of the personality through listening, reflection/practice and meditation on a teaching given by an authentic teacher over time leads to an abiding attainment not dependent on drugs or delusions. By definition a mental experience and anything experienced in the mind is not enlightenment since that is experienced beyond the realm of mind. So drug induced or psychedelic experiences, etc. cannot be enlightenment. By definition, any experience born of deluded notions whether they be fostered by one’s own deluded beliefs or beliefs in the delusions or “tricks” of others cannot be abiding enlightenment that produces inner peace, all-encompassing awareness, and transcendental consciousness. By definition, experiences of the nervous system, lights in the mind with closed eyes, sounds, visions, etc. all occur in the mind and by definition are not enlightenment in and of themselves. Only the person that has transcended mind and experienced all-encompassing divinity fully can comprehend enlightenment and then later with mind explain their experience. This is an internal expression from deeper than mind so an aspirant needs to grow in purity, intellect and emotions to understand what mind is, what delusion is and what the deeper experience is. This is what the authentic teacher assists in but the aspirant must do the work by first understanding what is the authentic teaching and teacher that leads to truth and not delusions or imaginations.

3-Good question- The previous and future Creations of world systems and universes is referenced in the PertemHeru texts where discussing the emergence of Ra from the primeval ocean-NUNU- and then receding back into the ocean bringing Creation to an end; then emerging with a new Creation. Even modern science is to this conception as they discuss the “big Bang” theory and also the factor of the multiple universes theories. Nevertheless, this is an interesting historical study but irrelevant in the context of personal practice. It helps to know these kinds of things to realize that this is not the only Creation and that there were others and will be others in the future after this one comes to an end. This is a venue for souls to have experiences in time and space but who wants to partake in that, experiencing being born and growing up suffering and dying again and again? So while interesting and awesome the task is the same to be an avid aspirant in the present and attain enlightenment now and let the past and future take care of itself.


“The senses give the meaning from a worldly point of view; see with the spirit and the true meaning will be revealed. This is the relationship between the object and its Creator, its true meaning.”

-Ancient Egyptian Proverb