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Lesson 7 ( first Section left off)
Sema Tawi is synonymous with Egyptian yoga, meaning 2 lands united the higher and lower self
The reddish male picture in the reliefs doesn’t not signify ethnicity, its represented a Kemetians. But the Reddish figure was a dark Nubian? So does is represent class?
There are 3 types of African philosophy
2. Sedu
3. Sema Tawi
Sema Tawi was practiced in the Nile Valley. Yoga and Sema is the engine of mysticism that allows all truth religions to flourish. Long before the Aryan’s and the yoga seals where found in the Indus valley the Ancient Kemetians where practicing yoga

B: Main Point: Egyptian Yoga pre-dates the Indus Valley Yoga system by thousands of years.

C: Questions
In the case of Seals ( Dead Sea) or Clay tablets ( i.e Sumer and the Story of Enki) or the Stone Relics in Egypt, who gets to interpret these? Are all the archeological findings made public to be investigated by all scholars across the world? How are we to believe these interpretation or is there are an accredited open system? Just curious….

Question: so who was the blue figure in the first relief? , and what does the color blue represent?