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Bastu Akhu

Level 1 – Lesson 16– Video Assignment – Kemetic Diet Class (Part 1, 2 &3)

1. List the important themes presented

Introductory teachings to Kemetic Health

Hotep di si neter iri mettu wadj – an offering is given so that the divine may do greening of the mettu (vascular system)

A. Who are we? We are energy beings, we do not gain from the physicality of the foods we eat but from the light that is embedded in them.

B. Human physiology and the flow of energy – Human beings have 60, 000 miles of vascular (mettu) conduits which are corridors for fluid to run through the body. There are gross and subtle conduits. Gross conduits are located in the physical body such as heart, blood vessels, adrenal glands, etc. Subtle conduits are the nerves and nervous system and subtler than this is the mental conduits which use the brain. The mind however is not the brain ‘the brain is to the mind what a clothes washing machine is to electricity”. Therefore, mind is separate from the physical body. The diet is what keeps the vascular system clean so the life force energy can flow unobstructed. So a diet is not to lose weight after improper eating habits but instead it is engendering proper eating habits geared towards promoting life. In essence It is a prescribe set of foods that one eats to promote a certain effect on the body, which should be one that promote a clean vascular system.

C. Diet and the Sefek Ba Ra – The three lower energy centers are governed by the three foods that needs to be carefully monitored and controlled. The first energy center is physical food, the second is the sexual food and the third is the food of the ego. The fourth energy center is what’s needed to transcend the lower three energy centers, this is the green food which leads to the black food which is the food of Asar- The soul.

D. What is true health? – True health is being close to the Divine. Attaining God Consciousness. Nehast, Maakheru. Aset is the purveyor of divine consciousness, her wings symbolize attainment of high spiritual consciousness, elevated vision and all-encompassing consciousness symbolized by the Uadjid, the great Sun Disk. When one has this, they have expanded consciousness. The more your consciousness expand, the more life you have and experience.

E. Symbols on Kemetic Diet Book– the cover of the book is represented as a plate which has symbols for food for body, food for mind and food for soul. The food for the body surrounds the plate with fruits and vegetables. In the center of plate there are three symbols, the ankh, a strip of papyrus and the divine eye which is the eye of Heru. These represents food for the mind and soul. The ankh symbol composed of circle and cross which means life process, the beginning principle of life occurs when the circle and cross meet. That which is eternal (spirit) and that which is temporal (matter) coming together to form life. When the spirit (divine consciousness) leaves matter it is called death. In order for the body (matter) to support and sustain spirit (divine consciousness) properly, it has to be free of meat and fish, control of the carnal appetite (this was prescribed by sages and saints of ancient Kemet to be found in the Pr M Heru texts). The strip of papyri reads “un n ka un” which means feed the mind what endures. The mind is your astral body, where emotions, thoughts and feelings are. When watching TV, talking to people etc. you are feeding your mind energy. Thoughts have energy and the residue of those thoughts and energy becomes lodged in the unconscious mind and the eye, the unconscious become dim, darkened and become ignorant of the higher glory beyond body, mind and soul.

F. The Kemetic Diet – Practiced primarily by the initiates of Ancient Kemet, The Kemetic diet is a way of life, a way of thinking, a way of feeling and a way of eating that allows one to perfect one’s practice and experience of Kemetic spirituality. It is a prescribed diet for the Body, Mind and Soul.

G. Kemetic Spirituality – The word Kemetic comes from the word Kemet which means black, the black land known as Kemet in ancient times is called Egypt today. Kemetic spirituality is uncovering the mysteries of the Divine, a path to Enlightenment. The people of Kemet discovered certain secrets about health that leads to enlightenment. They discover there is one disease, ukhedu and one solution, a diet that is green. To discover kemetic spirituality, one only have to put in proper raw material so the DNA could conduct metabolic functions that need to go on in order to have a healthy human body because the body already has wisdom given to all of us in the beginning embedded in the genetic code to promote health.

H. Duality and Health – All that exists creation is dual and so is the body and mind. The opposite elements of acid and alkalinity affects both body and mind. When your body becomes acidic from improper foods, you create toxins and if cannot be removed it will be lodge in fat tissues which are waste materials you can’t get out of your body, this leads to vascular system being obstructed causing ukeddu. So the body should be slightly alkaline. Acidic thought food also causes an imbalance in mental functions producing agitation, greed, lust, anxiety etc. Alkaline thoughts on the other hand leads to peace and virtue. Whatever the mind is then the body will follow. Bringing the body and mind to a balance is done through fasting to allow body to cleanse itself and allow DNA to go back to the original programming, eating green foods, eating only when hungry, taking in proper mental food, breathe control, etc.

I. What is disease? Disease is a form of stress that you are not handling. Disease occurs when there is an imbalance in the system of the body that cause microorganisms to take over or become depleted. This is derived from relying on ego self to handle problems of the world which leaves one susceptible to opinions of others, to gain and loss, desires, frustrations etc. which is then most times relieved improperly through improper foods, alcohol, TV, smoking, fast women, fast men, clubbing etc. which are all temporary distractions from your true self because the unconscious mind does not relax. Therefore we do not catch disease, we develop them. The only true relief from stress is spiritual enlightenment or a path that leads to spiritual enlightenment which is the state of being comfortable, relaxed and spontaneous with ourselves and the universe.

J. Anhk -Udja -Seneb – Life, Vitality and Health. Anhk means life process. Udja is a kemetic term/symbol that means fire drill. The human body has a fire drill, which relates to the process of consuming food that uses the fire to metabolize it in a proper way. The gastrointestinal system is a pit into which one throws spiritual offerings such as food. The higher perspective of udja means the life force energy that courses through the body of a human body comes in through the astral body , through the Sefek Ba Ra, the seven energy centers and courses up and down the subtle spine which is the pillar of Asar, the Djed. If energy in unobstructed and allowed to flow, it starts a blazing fire which burns the personality, egoistic mind and leaves only divine consciousness. Seneb means health or wellbeing and it also is the symbol for the Ba (soul).

2. Explain what impressed you most about this presentation

The Kemetic diet book is one of my favorites so I enjoyed this lesson very much. I found the videos to be very helpful in gaining insights into the teachings of “greening” the body, mind and soul that I missed while reading the book over a year or so ago. I particularly appreciated the section on diet for the astral body and its effects on the Sefek Ba Ra, the seven energy centers. I found the explanation of what happens to the life force energy if it’s allowed to flow freely up and down the subtle spine, through these centers to be profound. I gathered that the udja (fire) this movement creates burns up one’s egoistic idea of individuality leaving only divine consciousness. Just as how when the life force energy from physical food is properly metabolized, the energy flows through the mettu unobstructed ensuring health of the body. So it seems if we eat light, think light we unveil light, pure consciousness.

Interaction assignment

Sebai Maa Response post #2983 (August 6th, 2015) to Semauiba Sakuhai post #2958

Semauiba asked a great question on what it means to purify the intellect and how it relates to mind and perception of information. As indicated by the Kemetic Diet, in order to understand the teachings, there has to be health not only of the body, but also the mind and soul. Sebai added in this post that there are different levels of the cognitive process. First is Anpu, which when purified recognizes truth vs. falsehood. Then there is Djeuty, the intellect, which when purified, thinks correctly without emotional interference. Then there is Aset, which is intuitional wisdom that does that use cognition at all. At this level of purification one knows and no thinking is required. Practicing the Kemetic Diet, Maat, Shedy disciplines, good association etc. will cleanse the ego and ariyu and render the mind pure (maakheru) to recognize intuitionally the Higher Self (beyond mind, beyond time and space).