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Response to Akua #4445, Lesson 13 Audio Assignment

Akua emphasized the point in this lesson on recognizing the divine within while also understanding the importance of a teacher and the practices for purification. This was also an important theme that I picked up on in regards to the story of the King and Young Man in which the truth was simple but the purification of ones vices and fetters represent the obstruction to living that truth. This is my experience also that at times practice is consistent and meditation deep and a lot of truths and simplicity is experience; whereas other times the obstructions physical mental spiritual cause inconsistency and then more complexity and confusion. So I can see how the important emphasis is on learning the teaching while also purifying oneself – that when purified the light of the divine within can reveal all and open the door for yoga-union but a teacher-teaching is essential for making this a real and achievable goal. This is the making of a successful student from what I learned in this lecture.