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Shems Ua Netert

Lesson #14 Interaction assignment: Response to post Sebai Maa’s post #5164 attached to original post #5424

In his post, Sebai Maa raises the question of whether or not we are willing and able to live by the tenets that have been presented in the lessons thus far.

I recognize the illustration in Sebai Maa’s post from The Serpent Power book. I take the illustration in the context of lesson 14 to imply that accessing words of power is not enough to achieve enlightenment. Purification and devotion to the divine are necessary steps along the way. This involves acting with Maat in all situations.

I might know intellectually that separation is an illusion, and that in reality, there is only the divine… but it in certain situations, I find it difficult to act in accordance with this knowledge.

However, in remembering the story of Na.nefer.ka.ptah, I recognize that there are no shortcuts to success. So, I continue to practice the disciplines and do my best to maintain an attitude of patience, perseverance, and humility.