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1) Level 1, Lesson 14, Video Assignments: Intro to Shetaut Neter 104-105 Parts 1 & 2

2) “Shetaut Neter” can be translated as “Egyptian mysteries.” It is a religion that is indigenous to Africa, specifically to ancient Kemet or modern-day Egypt. It is an example of a true religion, or one that contains myth, ritual, and mysticism. Any religion that does not contain these three elements should not be considered true religion. Also, any religion that does not have enlightenment as its end goal is not true religion.

The sphinx, located in modern-day Egypt, is the earliest evidence of the practice of true religion in history. The Kemetic names of the Sphinx include Herumakhet (Heru in the horizon) and Ra-Hrakti. Herumakhet represents a giver of life, stability, and power. It also represents the ruler of the upper and lower worlds, the director of truth, and eternity. Much has been written about Ra-Hrakti.

Life is lived in pursuit of happiness. People continue to look for happiness through relationships with people and worldly possessions, but in the end, worldly attainments are illusory and only lead to disappointment. However, true happiness can be achieved through correctly adopting the teachings of a true religion.

True happiness is to be obtained through the central process or goal of Shetaut Neter, which can be noted as, “Men and women are to become God-like through a life of virtue and cultivation of the spirit through scientific knowledge and bodily discipline.” By learning the ways of the Neteru and emulating them, we ultimately become like them.

Ancient Kemetic kings and queens were both governmental and spiritual leaders. The king and queen were considered divinities that were placed in the position to minister for the supreme being. Thus, their duty was to uphold the principles of Maat (truth, righteousness, and order.) Because the principles of Maat were the foundation of both secular and non-secular aspects of ancient Kemet, the society flourished for thousands of years.

The philosophy of Shetaut Neter can be summarized in 4 teachings:

* Pa Neter ua ua Neberdjer m neteru

There is one supreme being, Neberdjer, who is all encompassing. As the all-encompassing Supreme Being, Neberdjer includes the entire universe and the gods/goddesses. Neberdjer is abstract, and cannot be touched with ordinary thought. Through learning about the lower divinities, we learn about Neberdjer.

* An Maat sui saiu set s khemn

Maat refers to harmony, balance, and righteousness, while Khemn refers to ignorance. When people act unrighteously, negative qualities develop within the mind that are referred to as the “afflictions of set.” Thee include qualities such as anger, lust, jealousy, and hatred. These blind people from seeing the Truth.

* S uashu s nafu n saiu set

Fetters of the personality, or afflictions of Set, cause people to become conscious of their egoistic, mortal self. Thus, the afflictions of Set must be cured before we can express divine consciousness. The cure begins with developing purity of heart and righteousness that develops through the practice of uashu/ushet, or devotion to the divine.

* Ari shedy rekh ab m makheru

Practicing the Shedy disciplines leads to knowledge of the higher Self, or being “true of speech.” When one becomess established in Truth, the spirit is awakened and one becomes an “akhu” or enlightened being.

3) One impressive statement in the video was that our acts on earth are no more than a dream. Another was the reminder that in reality we are immortal, transcendent, and all-encompassing.

Seeing my daily experiences as only a dream makes it much easier to accept situations as they are, without wanting to change them or developing negative qualities such as anger, frustration or impatience in response.

Being increasingly able to accept rather than struggle has brought me a great deal of peace.

Furthermore, the increasing mental clarity gives me greater opportunity to reflect on the concept that I am actually transcendent and all-encompassing.