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Lesson 6
Divinity and creation are one
Everything comes from a single point
A complete religious system will give you three things
2. ritual
All turht religions will take you to the same place, a mystical understanding
Orthodoxy is like a tripod with only 2 legs, it has myth and ritual but not mytisicsm. Without this people of the religion don’t experience the divine directly. Christianity was mystical before the roman catholic church created an orthodox system. When christicanty first stated there where many sects , but the one that prevailed was roman catholic. They killed all others they didn’t believe in “their” way
Most major religions have a mystical sect, Islam has a mystical sip called sufism, Judaism has a mystical sect call kabbalah, Christianity has a mystical sect called gnostism.
They are two reasons why religion is important
1. You’re affected by people who believe it
2. if you believe anything your religious
We understand myth by several principals
1. Myth is perennial, in that there are common principles to all myths
2. Myths are written enough as a journey to overcome & to grow
3. The myth is your story
4. Ritual and reflection must live in the myth
A: ritual is a formal ceremony
B: ritual is informal
5. Myth should put all the pieces together

There are three types of myth
• creation
• soul journey
• proverbs
In the Kemetic religion there is one supreme being and they are lesser beings ( gods and Goddess)
Lack of truth leads to trouble, lack of virtue leads to unfulfilled life
Religion means the hidden way of divine self.

There are three stages
1. mortal
2. 2.the initiate
3. those who have received a light
And the Kemetic religion can be broken down into four main parts
1. There is 1 supreme being and all is connected
2. righteousness leads two chains of ignorance the teachings of MAAT help break the chains
3. worship of the Devine causes freedom this includes listening to teachings devotional ritual loving others and nature, not lying cheating stealing & Meditation.
4. There are four realms: 1. the physical realms 2.the astral plane. 3 the causal 4. Transcendental
b. The main thing I took from this lesson is that one must practice to receive the light and break the chains of the fetters

C. Questions
1. For those that have received the light. Is the end goal to be a co creator, learning how to use all the forces of the created. To create = Bliss .
2. How do you know if you received the light vs the being in the mind of the ego? Or other forces? What if the ego or other forces has tricked you into thinking you received the light using the bodies nervous system and chemical such as serotonin and dopamine, one may think they have received the light, but have they? How can one tell the difference?
3. You mentioned “in this round of creation” how many others rounds of creation have there been? Where are the writings for these rounds of pre history, history? Who are the authors?