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A short listing of some basic issues presented.

Additionally, about your statement: “The spiritual checklist outlines the essential practices that the aspirant must follow in order to consider him or herself to be truly practicing Shetaut Neter and Smai Tawi. The aspirant should think about the spiritual checklist as a way to stay on track with spiritual practice. The aspirant should be diligent in following the practices on the spiritual checklist, because otherwise the aspirant is in danger of becoming further in worldly entanglements rather than progressing toward enlightenment.”


“In all thy undertaking, let a reasonable assurance animate thy endeavors; if thou despair of success, thou shalt not succeed.”


It is important to understand that the teachings are guidelines and not to be taken to extremes, though they are to be intensified to the capacity of the practitioner. So it MUST be followed to the extent possible and not to an extent that produces imbalance of body or mind. This is keeping the balance of Maat in daily living that maintains balance in the personality and eventually neutralizes the ups and downs of life along with the delusions about spiritual life and delusions about worldly suffering and death so as to go beyond the delusions of duality and discover the goal of wisdom. Therefore, to the extent of the capacity to that extent there can be expected results and until that capacity becomes effective there needs to be patience and perseverance as was disused in the last post #6528.


Balance of MAAT