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It sounds like you have a good schedule for spiritual practice and have integrated into the daily routine and your worldly responsibilities. If you can you should certainly try to integrate a evening meditation, especially at dusk if possible, even if for just a few minutes.

As for the fasting, indeed you can work on monitoring and maintaining blood sugar levels. There are several supplements that naturally help this regulation- check at your health food store.

Certainly fasting 1 day per week or 3 days per month is the recommendation. Also daily not eating say after dusk until breakfast. Fasting does not need to be severe, like on water alone. You can use green juice fasting during the period. As you have regular responsibilities of life this is as far as you need to go for now. When you have more time to be alone and away from physical stresses then you can explore other options. The book Kemetic diet presents more details on these issues and cautions to gain benefits from the fasting process to support the spiritual practices.


“Consume pure foods and pure thoughts with pure hands, adore celestial beings, become associated with wise ones: sages, saints and prophets; make offerings to GOD.”









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