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Extensive notes on the most salient points given.


About your statement: ” In the area of aspiration and devotion of purpose there still needs to be development as frustration with the world gives way to consistent dispassion and serious aspiration. Also the discussion on studying the teachings in the manner discussed, reading taking notes memorization and going over notes..”


While it is true at least in the beginning, that frustration is an integral and instructive element of the spiritual practice for the avid aspirant following an authentic teaching, it is also true that frustration can lead to dullness and degradation if practiced in a stagnant or ignorant spiritual process.

In reference to memorization, wrote memorization has limited application in the teaching in the absence of philosophical insight,. Many people can recite whole chapters of the Bhagavad Gita, Koran, Bible, etc. and are not benefited by that. Therefore, a more useful process is to allow aspiration for enlightenment, admiration for the teachings, teacher and legacy and divine love for the divine to grow and the memory will take care of itself. We do not need to memorize things about persons we love or things we like. The natural process is to think about them over and over and anticipate the next encounter. So too with the teachings; the task being to allow anticipation to grow for the next class, the next pearl of wisdom and reflecting over and over on the glories given and eventually that process leads to realization and establishment. Just as you do not need to memorize your name, parents, birth location, likes and dislikes, etc. So to higher consciousness need not be memorized about but is to be experienced as an ever-present reality beyond memory, cognition, feelings or desires; and mind records what it can cognize about that experience and the records of this by the sages, this is what we call the teaching. And upon attaining such experience, that is the real memory that pertains to absolute truth, as opposed to remembrances about the situations and events of life that relate to what is illusory and ephemeral. This is a natural process as opposed to a forced memorization process that is artificial and frustrating.

“The Race is never taught, but when God willeth it, its memory is restored by the Creator.”




z-cha, to remember




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