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About your questions:

C.) Questions
1.When Manetho says Egypt was ruled by Gods 36,000 years ago, what did he mean?


He meant that highly advanced beings (God Conscious persons) ruled from the standpoint of not human imperfections but out of enlightened intuitional wisdom. It means personalities who are direct manifestations of the Divine in time and space.
2.When you say emerged from the heart Africa 150,000 years ago, How did they emerge? From the monkey spark of evolutionary consciousness? From water? Direct Creation? Genetic Creation?



The Dilemma of human existence

The evolution of the physical body is different from the evolution of soul to discover God Consciousness. We are not bodies. Having said that, the body is a vehicle for the soul for experiencing time and space. It is an instrument the soul uses; it is not who you are. Throughout history it has been deemed useful to develop different instruments for spirit to perceive time and space. In this period of the evolution of this world, this development of homo sapiens sapiens was preceded by Cro-Magnon, homo sapiens, homo-erectus, Neanderthal, etc. going back to lower ape-like beings, reptiles, fish, smaller fish, plankton, single celled organisms, etc.. etc. This latest version- homo sapiens sapiens is the one that developed in Africa about 150,000 years ago out of a genetic change that the scientists do not understand. Remembering that time and space and physical reality is not abiding or immutable and it is ephemeral and therefore illusory, the same as a dream, though longer lasting, just as in a dream things can come out of nowhere or appear and disappear or morph at will, so too spirit can make changes in time and space at will. Even a slight change can transform a chimp into a wall-street hedge fund manager. You may reason that there is no difference or that the monkey is better because it does not harm people. The difference is in the ethical conscience and this lack makes the human potentially more dangerous than the chimp. Yet, the capacity to experience self-awareness and also higher consciousness also affords the possibility of experiencing depths of mental illness, psychosis and sociopathy which can lead to the destruction of this version of humanity – which is coming sooner than later. So even though this version of living beings, like the dinosaurs or other species that are failing to survive, will come to an end and be replaced, spirit will develop another form of instrument in this damaged world or another somewhere else in the universe or in another universe or plane of existence and with cosmic mind make the necessary changes and go on. This is neither the only reality nor the best reality in time and space and since God is infinite there are virtually infinite locales and modes of instruments that can be created and forever time span to explore those outcomes.
3.Do any of the teachings from Egypt’s high period remain intact? From what period are the teachings we have currently?


It depends on what you mean by intact. If the question is do we have a viable, meaning effective model of Ancient Egyptian Philosophy and metaphysics that is useful for attaining higher consciousness, then I would say yes indeed. If the question is do we have a 100% accurate knowledge of every single thing that went on in Ancient Egypt I would say no and it is not necessary. We don’t even have accurate history of what happened even 30 years ago so what is to say about millennia ago. Then also there is the problem of human self-delusion as there are people who do not believe things from decades ago even with photographic evidence. What is important is having mental sanity and health along with an accurate understanding of the principles of Kemetic mystery wisdom and secondly its application; with this all else is important but not essential since we are living in the now and not millennia ago.