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Dua Sebai, your responses brought sooo much more clarity to me now. I’ve heard it before but get it even more: It’s knowing how to apply the teachings to each situation, knowing how to think and feel about all aspects of lofe that might come up. What will come up is based on your individual journey, ego, ariu, but being grounded invthe teachings will develop the wisdom to navigate through the illusionary nature of each situation. Being a true devoted aspirant gives you the udja to do the shedy consistently which will purify your emotions, your thinking, your actions and your will.
The situations that come up can included pending world affairs, family and relationships, how culture and community practices and habits, anything and everything.
Your preceptor who has been there, guids you in knowing how to thing,feel and develop your own wisdom. Just obtaining knowledge and reading a lot of books does not, you wont know when you are applying wisdom correctly.