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Shems Ua Netert

Response to original post #5611 & Sebai Maa’s reponse, post #5798

I find myself thinking a lot about the section of this lesson which tells us, as Sebai Maa writes, to “recognize and use the adverse situations of life as springboards to introspection and development of khak-ab (dispassion and detachment.)”

I think I have written about this a number of times before, but I am continually reminded of the fact that so much of our suffering can be attributed to our attachment to having things go a certain way. For me, it helps to recognize that all events are illusory. If everything went the way we “wanted” it to, we would never recognize the illusory nature of all things and events in the world.

Letting go of how things and events look on the surface, and remembering that at every moment I am in God, of God, and that there is nothing else but God is allowing me to develop peace along my path, as Sandra mentioned