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Udja Seba Dja,

I have a question I feel you can help me better understand. I feel the strong connection and affinity with animals that you have, as a veterinarian as well, and I very much enjoyed hearing the analogy using your rescue dog in a group chatmeet. I also have this sensitivity toward animals.

My question is in regards to “how to think” in regards to the imagery of the offering formula. I understand the symbolic meaning of offering our male and femaleness but when I see imagery of the slaughtered offerings it sticks in my head, so that when I recite the offering I also visualize the offering picture including leg of beef etc. I have a strong affinity for the offering formula and very much enjoy it. How should we think about offerings that includes imagery of slaughter, because if I were in a position to have to explain it I know that the symbolic meaning is the Only true importance esp for practice but I could not explain how to think about the use of the imagery as mainly vegetarian vegan aspirants – which I know is the same nature as Kemetic aspirants and practitioners.

These are the ways I have thought of it:

1. An acknowledgement of the nature of the finite body, and all things and all things transient, so the imagery of 1000 geese and 1000 beef is an acknowledgement of this and its like dissolving the transient into a vision of the eternal. So its important for emphasizing this impermanence for yoga practice.
2. We should acknowledge that the movement away from physical sacrifice to imagery is positive and that this is a progressive trend that should be applauded. Or is this going to far into a literalistic interpretation.
3. the symbology is the only important emphasis and the imagery and wording should not be connected with 1000 geese and 1000 beef as a concept or question at all.

Thank you,